Inner Revolutions Becoming Outer Revolutions…

All inner change is a change in consciousness, and eventually becomes apparent and must be expressed in forms of relating, being; and within systems of thought; as well as life.

December brings a focus on making the inner changes and desires much more tangible.
More concrete changes are possible.
For some this means the inner revolution that has been taking place will now have concrete outlets.

There will be a need to bust free, bust loose and not be held back. If you don’t yet have tangible outlets for this release of energy use this month’s cycle to clarity more. Also, you can use this energy to explore not just inner landscapes, but outer ones, as well. This means ‘get your body moving’; as well as your mind.

Seek new ideas, creative solutions, creative ideas and try on new beliefs and philosophies on for size…
As for your body this cycle will require much more movement; however take caution in getting too scattered, or ‘burn out’ from over doing. Taking time to be in nature, work out, yoga, jogging, running, group fitness, boxing, dance, any kind of movement that gets you out of your head and into your body will be good. The exercises should be ones that stretch you a bit.

This cycle is about change, and getting out of your comfort zone. It will require you to stretch in body and mind. It will also challenge you to not be so literal. Practicalities will be important, as well as a focus on security, however not for security sake. This makes this cycle a bit tricky.
We are all meant to stretch, to swim, so to speak, out in the middle of the pond or ocean and connect to our inner being to feel safe.

The energies this December are preparing us energetically for the major changes in 2018.
The learning curve here is how to stretch beyond our previous limits, comfort zone into what seems strange, odd, unfamiliar new and still be in touch with our own inner knowing.
It is time to get out of the tiny to small little boxes we have known as our life and the way we navigate in our life.

Our Soul is deeming we grow and this means that we are in unfamiliar territory. We are being challenged to respond from the level of our soul and not from conditioned responses or previous workable strategies. Our ‘soul playground’ is not only changing, but in certain ways getting bigger…

The key here is what was previous; or based on our past in many ways will no longer be relevant. It will be a nice, interesting memory and way of being. For some a memories of the way of being will be one you are glad is no more.

The inner revolutions that we all have been going through in consciousness have been and will continue to become more external raising individual; as well as collective awareness. Look to ways to make your inner revolution of body and mind more concrete in your life. Change of beliefs and systems is highlighted now individually and collectively.

The more you can allow your Inner Guidance to guide you; and to stretch into new ways of expressing, creating, communicating, relating and being the more you will tap into the transformative energies of this cycle.

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