The Power of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

All of nature is cyclical and each cycle brings in a shift in energy, a new energetic focus; as well as individual and collective focus.
We may not see the collective as readily as the individual; however it is there.
This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is part of an energetic transition that culminates in a major turning point this Oct.
This Lunar Eclipse has us focus on what brings us more experiences of self expression, love and creativity…
It speaks to a deep human need to love, be loved; and to be appreciated, valued and to have our creative and self expression valued and understood….
You could say it is the ultimate “human experience”.
This eclipse will bring into your life what allows you to love more, express love more and self express more…
Any situation, or relationship that is no longer life enhancing and supporting your ability to stretch into more self expression and to not only give more love, but to receive love will either drift away or be yanked away…
Remember, this isn’t someone or something doing this “to you” it is your planetary universal beingness of you that is energetically shifting to allow more creativity, self expression and love in your life.
You will find yourself starting to feel the urge to stretch into new ways of expressing; and more ways of loving and opening to be loved.
This cycle will become more heightened at the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.
This is only the beginning of a new energy pattern that will be more evident in October….
It’s time to take some chances in your life… To follow what you have secretly been dreaming; and to let love lead…Not “romantic love per se; for some it will be of a romantic nature….
The cycle that is just beginning will bring us all into more awareness of what the “human experience” is all about…
This also brings the “Valley of Shadow”
I’ll be discussing this on my #podcast: “Awakenings with Michele Meiche” Wed. 8-9 @ 12 pm Pacific time.
The archives are on ITunes
Just remember, this is only the beginning… 💖

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