September Soul Insights – We are at an Energetic Crossroad

Feel it out before you take that step…
Look before you take that leap…
This month is not a time to jump into or out of something before taking the time to evaluate your path and destination.
There are major energetic forces at play this month. You could call it a ‘Changing of the Guards’…. We are in a time where a redirection of energy, focus and expression is taking place.  
We are being guided into a new way of thinking about what is authentic to us, how to live more authentically, what do we value; as well as how do we focus more on what we truly value. 
On some level we are being challenged and guided to move away from more externally based gratification and materially centered gratification to more interpersonal and transpersonal fulfillment.  
This ‘Energetic Passageway’ is creating a vortex of energy at a crossroads.  Which road do we take? Do we take the road of growth and our next level on our own volition; or will we require extreme circumstances to prod us to our next level of growth and Soul Unfoldment?  

How we handle being cosmically moved along this Energetic Passageway; or gateway will determine how we experience our next level of growth and Soul Expression in the world.  Energetic Passageways are like initiation points. They are the ‘Cosmic Gatekeepers’.  They are also points of learning and/or putting what we have learned into practice.  The ‘Gatekeeper’; which is really within us determines whether we are ready to move onto our own next level of growth and Soul Unfolding.  
This Internal Gatekeeper; which sometimes seems to be someone or something outside us can tell if we are ready to move forward. It can also tell if we are holding ourselves back out of fear; or if we need a cosmic nudge, kick the pants; or a gentle nudge to prod us along.  This is also where our Inner GPS resides.  We are guided to the crossroads, however ultimately we have to decide.
September brings a time of evaluating and re-evaluating from a feeling level.  Ask yourself what feels right.  Does what you are doing seem to be insync with your growth potential, or are you being pulled into the lull of the comfort of the past.  Change brings a bit of discomfort and some fear as you step into the unknown. It is only the ego aspect of your being, whose ‘job’ it is to keep the status quo that fears change.  Your Soul thrives on growth and change.  Not the kind of change just for change sake, but the kind of change that reveals more Soul Expression and true fulfillment.  

Be open to ‘Magical Helpers’ in the form of people that can help you adjust your sails and align more to what you are focused on at this time.  These Magical Helpers bring forms of support, Soul Path confirmations as well as opportunities.  They also bring a level of truth, honesty and sometimes a nudge in the right direction for you.  Generally they will feel good and you will feel: “Hey this person really gets me.  This is so what I need right now.”

Some of you might find that your evaluations this month have you changing gears.  If this is so ask for confirmation in your meditation and maybe from a few trustworthy reflections in your life, friends, or a teacher/mentor/guide that can give you an honest neutral reflection. If the confirmations come back a resounding yes, then move into the state of trust that you are on the ‘right path’ and that your change of direction is bringing you into more alignment on your path.

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