Ascension Attunement & 1111 Alignment Meditation

111, 11-11- and the events of 11-11-11 are an acknowledgment of our interconnectedness and oneness. We can be reminded of our other dimensional aspects of being and that we are part of a type of wholeness that is in constant expression. Everything and everyone is consciousness made manifest and is sacred. It is a great time to come to together in community and commune.

We are “here” to share love. Our love is reflected in many forms and this reflection is us. We are love in expression and form. All experiences are varying degrees and expressions of this love. The forms and expressions may change; however the Spiritual Energy does not. It is constant and ever expressive.

This Ascension Attunement and Alignment Meditation are to assist in moving out of the extremes of polarity and duality construct. It is in aligning to the center we “rise above”, ascend, connect to our true nature and express from a place of peace, light, love and joy. This is not to say we don’t have challenges, difficulties or “bad” days; however we begin to never lose our inner joy and abiding feelings of love.

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