The Defining and Refining on the Path of Soul Alignment

The path of Soul Alignment clears and purifies the lower desires of the desire body, until the desires are cleared and refined into inspiration and aspiration.

The Path of Soul Alignment defines and refines the desires, gifts and talents of the personality until they are vehicles for Soul Expression.  In this expression one is inspired to share their gifts and talents in a way that uplifts, assists and inspires those they have been entrusted with on the path.  This connects one also to their Soul Tribe; or Soul Family.  On this part of the path you begin to connect with more like minded individuals and SoulMates.

This part of the Path brings in a focus of receiving your “Sphere of Influence”…. From your “Sphere of Experience” you receive your “Sphere of Influence”  This is a great honor and affirmation on your path.  Much fulfillment and joy are received from this honor.  This influence is actually an influencing and being influenced.  You are being influenced and influencing.                                                                      This enacts the “Law of Resonance” and the  “Law of Magnetic Attraction”

As you begin to be in more resonance to your Soul Design and are living from your Soul Template; or the pattern of your Soul,  you automatically attract those people and situations that are more fulfilling, loving and life enhancing.

The more in alignment you are to your Soul and Soul’s purpose the more inner peace, fulfillment, abundance and joy you will feel and experience.

In living from the template of your Soul Design you begin to really shine.                                      
You radiate a Love, Light Frequency that reflects your Signature Vibrational Frequency.                                        
This allows for more Full Radiant Self Expression.  This expression is Soul fueled and Spirit Led.

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