Are You Feeling the Shift? Are You Awakening? Are You in the Ascension Process? Are You Ready to Live the New Paradigm?

I want to share my DailyOM course with you.  This course was 1 year in the making and is very comprehensive and transformative.  🙂

It is my passion, my joy and my gift to bring you useful tools for your Spiritual Path and Soul Alignment.  Now, more than ever grounded practical tools, information and insight is needed during this time of activation and acceleration.

The channeled guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Over Souls, and Spirit are to assist in connecting into your luminous lightbody and Soul Alignment. It is a time of clearing the astral plane and  emotional body so the true template can be revealed and lived.

                                This Template is retained through the Holographic Resonance and Akashic Record.

This is a 8 week on-line course available from DailyOM and myself.  
We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson
on-line or print as they become available and click to
listen to the guided audio meditations; as well as videos. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.

Do you feel you are living in two worlds, trying
to do what needs to be done on an “everyday level” and yet feeling a call for something more?

Has your life focus and/or interests seemed to shift
or change overnight?

Are you feeling uncertain about your future?

Have you had a recent job and/or career loss, or lost interest in a major part of your life?

Do you have a feeling that something is going to happen and you aren’t quite sure what?

If you have answered yes to any of these chances are you are reaching an accelerated part of the Shift.

Whatever juncture you find yourself during this time of Awakening in the Individual and Collective Shift this DailyOM course will help you understand the Shift as well as the focus of 2012 and beyond.

This course will give you a compass that will assist you in connecting with your Higher Self to map out and navigate through the new terrain that is being co-created.

The tools, meditations, processes, weekly growthwork, videos, audio messages and course work all help to serve as a virtual support so that you can understand the Shift and align to that which is newly emerging through you and in your life at this pivotal time. You will learn to recognize the hallmarks of the Shift individually and collectively and master tools that assist you in your own processing and shifting.

The Shift: Navigating through the Changes of 2012 and Beyond. Understand the dynamics of the Shift and how this is manifesting in our world and society today.
Align to the energies and mindset of the New Emerging Consciousness.
Manage the intensification of energy and personal changes, uncertainty, and re-direction of focus in your life.
Learn to see the signs and interpret the meanings that are ushering in your new direction.
Discover which “Mode of Energy” you are and how to best use your energy to draw in what you need and want; as well as live more abundantly.
Learn the language of the Soul, access your Soul Design and Soul Qualities.
Align with the Subtle Energy to assess Flow Consciousness for Ascension.
Heal your past to move into your present with more grace and ease.
Move out of ‘Linear Time’ and learn to live by resonance and ‘Synchronistic timing’.
Learn Ascension meditations and alignment processes you can do on your own.
Learn how to your raise your vibrational frequency
Learn how to live from the template of your Soul and be Spirit Led
This course is a great study aid and support  for  deepening spiritual practice and more awake-aware living.

Lots of Love & Light


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