This Tarot course is for those that want to understand the Tarot and this system of divination, prediction and Soul Path navigating tool for the Soul.

In this Tarot class module we will meet 2 times a month for 3 months.

Tarot - Mirror of Your Soul and Soul Path - 12 Week Course

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  • Learn and Understand THE TAROT CARD MEANINGS
  • Learn the meanings; as well as understand and learn to interpret the 78 cards of the Tarot deck.
  • I will also teach you simple, yet powerful techniques to interpret the cards with meaning and accuracy.
  • Tarot as Archetypal Energy Patterns
  • The Metaphysics of the Tarot
  • How Tarot Mirrors Your Soul and Life Experience
  • Understand the Major Arcana - how to read & what each card individually and read in pairs/group/tarot spreads means for you.
  • Understand the Minor Arcana - how to read & what these cards show you in your life.
  • Learn Tarot Spreads for clarity, confirmations and predictions
  • Learn how to determine Timing and the Yes/No Timing Spread
  • Learn and understand how and why Tarot Readings work and are accurate
  • Understand the role of Synchronicity, Divine Timing, Your Soul Path in Tarot.
  • Learn to read the cards as a Tarot Reader and as an Intuitive, or Psychic.

You will be given Tarot Soul Path Growthwork to help you learn, better understand the Tarot Cards, Spreads, and most importantly yourself.

Each session will be recorded with your questions, answers and growthwork to do in between our meet up sessions.

I have created and developed Tarot Courses, Intuition, Psychic Development and Metaphysical courses for groups, spiritual centers, metaphysical centers and individual for over 25 yrs.

For the past 2 yrs I have been receiving requests to again provide Tarot, Diviation, Metaphysical, Psychic Development, Dream Interpretation; as well as Spiritualism classes in a group setting.

It’s my gift and honor to do this for you at this time

This Tarot course, as well as my Patreon Soul Path Group is my offering to provide this service to share, teach what I have learned, give Soul Insights; as well as support people in Awakening, Soul Alignment and their Soul Path.

This Tarot course is in a 3 month module. We will meet every 2 weeks starting Saturday 19th at 1:00 - 2:30 (pacific time)

All sessions are on Saturday beginning at 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Our session times are:

Saturday Sept. 19th

Saturday, Oct. 3rd

Saturday, Oct 17th

Saturday, Oct 31 st

Saturday, Nov. 14th

Saturday, Nov. 28th