Wakeful Dreaming and Shamanic Innerplane Journeying

Join us in Sacred Ceremony to tune in, align and attune to the healing empowering energies through co-creating a Medicine Wheel to support our passage into ‘Wakeful Dreaming’ and Shamanic Innerplane Journeying.

Using dynamic breath work and higher frequency sound and energy for Ancestral Lineage Healing .

    • Understand your Inner Shaman the Sage- Higher Self within.
    • Connect into your Inner Shaman and Spirit Guides.
    • Receive the Energetic Transmission for deep healing, re-balancing and Soul Alignment.
    • Gain deeper understanding and clarity; as well as guidance on your Path.
    • ***
    • This is very a very supportive and healing session to lovingingly and in an empowered way support you on your path.
    • In creating the Sacred Space for ceremony you will contributing to the Sacred Circle.
    • You are welcome to bring an object sacred to you to add to the Circle.

    Mats and blankets will be provide. Drink plenty of water the day before as it helps in your conductivity for magnetic resonance. We will have a light snack after closing the Sacred Circle and to ground, share, and to reintegrate to the 3/4D.

Shamanic Inner Plane Journeying

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