HIGH VIBES to Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires from Your Soul Tele-workshop Program

Join us in thIs Tele-workshop for 60 days to align to “high vibes” for more connection to love, abundance and manifestation…  (This is an online event)

You wil be sooooo inspired and happly surprised at the postive changes and fulfilled desires you manifest…

The enegies right now ushered in by the eclipses and retrograged planets are pushing us all for more Soul Expression.  This means that your deepest desires and true dreams have the best chance of coming through if you are more connected to your Soul nad High Viben it..

Come connect with the Conscious Inner Manifestoer in you…

60 Days of support, guidance and mentoring to manifest what is most important to you.

Your dreams come from your Soul. In order to manifest them you have to connect to your Soul….

**Manifesting requires intention, visioning and aligning…Our thoughts do affect what we draw into our life and manifest **

It is. time of testing and going deeper into your understanding of how the world and Universe works.

It’s all about frequenvy and vibration; which means attuning, aligning, resonance and coherence…

It’s about understanding the current frequency flow;; or current of energy and how to align, and uplevel, or uplift,..

***It’s easier to draw in and manifest when we are ‘high vibes’***

Learn how to release repetitive negative thinking and doubts that block your manifesting… Integrate ‘pattern interrupts‘ that move you past self sabatoge and emotional wounding and connect you to your Soul.  You have to manifest from your Soul, and not your ego for the most love, light and prosperity. 

Learn the keys to manifesting that open the door to Empowerment for you…

Understand how to align to your a higher frequency to connect to your ’Soul Signature Frequency’ and why this is important.

Understand and begin using advance Spiritual Principles and open up to and use your advanced Spiritual Gifts for more love, light, guidance, abundance and synchronicity.

Understand and use the guidance tool of Openings & Synchronicity

Read The Signs of your Inner Guidance 

This tele-workshop is a 2 month program, which has 3 group sessions + the weekly support of High Vibes:

We meet once a month with weekly support. There are 3 teleworkshop sessions – One in August, one in March, one in April and the completion session in May.

You will have the support to keep you ‘High Vibes’ and manifesting for your fulfillment.

Saturday,  March 16, 2019           1:30-3:00 pm pacific time 

Saturday,     April 6, 2019             1:30-3:00 pm pacific time 

Saturday,     May 11, 2019            1:30- 2:30 pm pacific time

(Ck in, integration and completion meditation)

There will be exercises, growth work and weekly support to guide you and align you to the “high vibes”

The Soul Support includes email, video and voicenote You are able to ask questions and receive insight, mentoring and guidance in your visioning and manifesting focus.

We will be working with the 30/3 energies for each person individually.
Collectively we are in an 12/3 cycle…

The group sessions; as well as the ‘check ins’ are recorded. 

Your exchange fee includes the 3 sessions, the weekly support and follow up + recording.

If you can’t attend the session/s after they are recorded and they will be emailed to you.

Wherever you are and whoever you find yourself this is intended to support you to let more light in,  and live in the light to high vibes…

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