Connecting To Your Higher Self & Manifesting What Resonates Most To Your Soul

  • Understand the role of your Higher Self and your Soul; as well as how using your ‘Intention’ aligns you to your Soul Dreams and 
  • Learn to tune into your own intuition and connect to your Higher Self
  • Understand the inner guidance from your Higher Self
  • We will be working with the retrograded energy to go  deeper into our inner knowing for clarity, guidance and inner peace for our next unfolding.
  • Emotional clearing and inner plane meditation to release and align.
  • Recording included for participants

By recognizing, appreciating the little gifts, as well as the abundance, we are harnessing universal energies.
The more we feel we have, the more we do have, the more we end up attracting. When we’re in resonance, we manifest what’s most in resonance to our soul and most fulfilling. Learn to take time out to connect in with the inner knowing of your Higher Self. Learn to not make major decisions until the will of your Higher Self is made known and true openings are revealed. Follow the subtle energy. We are all co-creating this experience and will leave an imprint behind. Leave an imprint woven with love, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

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