The New Paradigm is based on Soul Expressed Living and from a sociological and new commerce standpoint the New Paradigm is also based on entrepreneurship. Many authorities have said: “We are in the Age of the Entrepreneur”.

Many people ask how I have lived a Soul Expressed and Spirit Led life in an abundant way. I have been a successful model, actor, teacher and then I transitioned into Spiritual Life Coaching, Healing and 
Channeling/Intuitive Counseling. 

Growing up with the gift of intuitive/psychic ability, I have always been aligned to my Soul and I have been led by Spirit. I have been teaching and assisting on this for many years; so when I was asked to do this in a group format…. I said yippee…and of course yes.

The Soul Entrepreneurship group is focused on assisting you to actualize and externalize your Soul Gifts into the world lovingly, prosperously and abundantly. We are meant to live a fulfilled life. Many people just don’t know how to, and there are specific steps, and an inner map. 

I will help you manifest your Soul’s Purpose in the outer world and attain the life enhancing level of prosperity and abundance that your Soul deems for you. 

This group will be interactive with growth work, activation and acceleration processes; as well as being based on harnessing the messages for you in the Akashic/Soul Level optimum growth, level and 
direction. There will also be a Conscious Business format; as well as other exercise, processes and Soul focused inner work. This program is very proactive and uses practical tools and steps.

If you are ready to dive in to experience your Soul’s Purpose, Soul Directed Living; and take a chance on you, then this group is for you. This will be an amazing journey and discovery for you…

Michele Meiche, an artist, guide, creator & self-proclaimed techie, has worked with thousands of people nationally and internationally to inspire and teach them the tools to live more fulfilled and prosperous lives. She works with her clients to connect more deeply with their own inner knowing in order for them to make empowered and soul expressed decisions. The author of Meditation for Everyday Living, 5 Step Emotional Clearing, Transforming Fear into Creativity among other books and CDs, the Host and Executive Producer of Awakenings Podcast, a Transpersonal Therapist, a Hypnotherapist, an Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach, a Fellow of the National Board for Hypnotherapy and a Hypnotic Anesthesiologist as well as a member of Transpersonal Psychology, she is a constant student of life and the mystery of All That Is. Michele has extensive experience in television and media and, as a spiritual techie, she understands where spirituality meets technology and how technology is moving spirituality to the next level.

A bit about Michele’s Journey:

I have been really fortunate, and some would say blessed to work with a really diverse clientele.  I have worked with people from “all walks of life” with all kinds of interests and motivations- students, teachers, children, CEOs, business entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, stockbrokers, day traders, healers, technologists, social entrepreneurs, actors, singers, celebrities, athletes, politicians, futurists, real estate brokers; and everyone in between, behind and beyond…

I also was successful model, actor, TV – radio host, dancer and artist.  This put me in touch with a circle of people that most people only see on TV.   I jet settled around the globe, spent time on yachts and with the heads of state, diplomats, fortune 50-100 people. I was invited to dine and vacation with royalty and aristocrats.  I also was a teacher, restaurant host and did a lot of “odd jobs” in between modeling and to pay for schooling.  I have been to the bottom, the top and swam somewhere in between.   What I have learned over the years is that I love people. I feel for each person..

Because of this I have been able to amass a lot of insight, wisdom, information and knowledge from those that are expert in their field and know a lot more than me.
I was able to see the common thread in all that are truly fulfilled in life and successful. I was able also to glean what really makes people happy; whether in their job, career, life focus, relationships and “love life”

For myself and everyone I meet.  Life can be difficult, confusing and if you don’t have your own inner map and aren’t connected to your Inner knowing you can make some wrong turns and end up in places that crush your Spirit and dampened your Soul.

Contrary to a certain popular belief: “You can be on the “wrong path”… Yes, you can. We live in the land of polarity; so if there is a right path, then there is a wrong path.  If you can be “fulfilled”, then you can be “unfulfilled”  In the grand scheme of the Universal Expression of Life all experience is ok and metaphysically- existentially all is what it is and good.  However, on this earth plane you can definitely do what is not life enhancing or debilitating for you.  There are life enhancing choices and non life enhancing choices.

I found that the people that are the most successful; and I am not just terming this materially or financially are those that feel a “Call”; as well as feel their life has meaning and purpose.  What I found is that this was not ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ per se.  Some of the people I work with are very religious or spiritual; however some had no interest or belief in a spiritual or religious belief or foundation.  Some were self proclaimed Atheists and some “non-believers” of anything but ‘science’…

This all lead me to not only believe, but understand that there is something intrinsic in each of us that has to do with a higher calling, a sense of purpose, a need to feel needed and that one is contributing beyond themselves.  This “higher calling” I have seen in all people in all of life circumstances.  I saw it in the streets of Mumbai in India, in Indigenous people, in “country folk” “Madison Avenue people”. I’ve seen it in the barrios, ghettos, suburban lawns, tract homes, subdivisions,  the social elite, diplomats, aristocracy, the streets of major cities and the “Upper Eastside” I’ve seen it in philanthropists, healers, artists, poets and mystics and those we might assume have this deeper life urge.  I call it a Soul Calling…

It is not defined by life circumstance or what we might see as overtly spiritual.  i use to teach school and i definitely saw this in most children.  In fact, it seemed that the child, just like the adult who didn’t hear and find this within themselves became a bully to try and get a facsimile of Soul Expression.

I sincerely want to help more people connect to and live from this part of themselves…
We are all meant to thrive within the circumstances of our Soul Path on earth….
It’s time we all realize we are in a wondrous Soul Playground and not a jail of former doctrine, beliefs or dogma…

Research has show that play, the kind of play children do, is on the same spectrum vibrationally as the meditative state.  Perhaps this is why one of my teachers Muktandanda called our life here “The Play of Consciousness”

We are consciousness made manifest. We are spirit in form.  This means there are unlimited capabilities and possibilities within our Soul Design and on our Soul Path.  The real fulfillment, abundance, prosperity and success comes from knowing what is in your Soul Design and therefore in the realm of your possibilities… This is where the magic happens in synchronistic ways…

I’m into the practical woo woo of life and the magical mystic in practical ways…
I have helped so many live a life of their dreams and attain the goals, visions and love life they truly wanted. I have been a teacher and a constant student of life unfolding.  I’ve been told: “Michele helps you clear the blocks to living a life of fulfillment that you really love; as well as assisting you to heal to be in a relationship that you love.

I am going to my next level of Soul Expression. I’d love to assist you to be “more you” and shine in your Soul Expression.   I am teaching, however I am definitely learning to be even more me…To allow even more of the “authentic me” to shine through. This is The “Soul of ‘me”…

Let’s do this together…Let’s play in a bigger sandbox and really connect, co-create, collaborate and share in this Soul Playground.

It’s a wonderful monthly touchstone with a leader/mentor I love and trust, and a group of people who have become trusted friends and advisors.  I’ve learned a lot, shared a lot and received more than my fair share.  

What I love was Having a place to gather with like minds.  It is very difficult to talk to others who are not one the same path. Your lectures about how it works. Your guiding was of us was important to our next steps. I am more conscious that I do have a Soul and just giving attention to my Soul feels very life changing and is life changing. Still getting to know my Soul.    

I was delighted when Michele approached me on the Soul Entrepreneurship. Being an entreprenur is all about following your passion, the intuitive belief that you are on this earth to make some kind of difference, connection etc. While I have had therapy, mentors and outlets to support my work this program was a new approach.

The group has been a source of support, and the sharing has opened my awareness and strengthened my confidence.  Plus, your insights on how to access our talents, our passion and then line them up with trends of the day to make a living has been very helpful.
The course has helped confirm to me that there is more than one way to build a business.  I really felt that you gave practical information, mixed beautifully with Spiritual information – and being on a Spiritual Path, I need to incorporate that in all aspects of my life.  I feel that the course helped me in all areas of my life – career, personal and Soul Path- by reminding me that I can create my life the way I want it to be – to consider my lifestyle – that in itself is so freeing, to know that I can create something that works for me.





Your Soul’s Purpose is not so much “what you do”, but “how you do it”.
Your Soul’s Purpose is the unique way you do what you do and express yourself in your life.