New Vistas and Dreams Into a Reality

This month there is an energy of movement, openings, passions and inspired action.

This is also a month of tests, testing and rebalancing…

There will be a lot to do and a lot on your plate…

It’s a time of blossoming from the depths of your being. On some level there will be the awareness of two pathways and a need for weighing the sides of situations.

We are in a 47/11/2 Numerological CycleTime to get out and about more; whether physically or in your mind…. Let your self extend out from former limitations and restrictions. Let yourself “Dare to Dream” and follow through on your dreams.

You may have to come out swinging… Swinging from a tree, a branch or swinging from one place of being to another.

It is a time of testing, tests, tempering and rising above. A key component will be cooperation, collaboration and reaching agreements. Relationships will be highlighted in a way that brings a new awareness, understanding and for many stark clarity. The clarity that you receive will help you “solve” an internal problem, concern or outer situation. What will be happening is a shift in your mindset.

Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini, and so the Collective Universal Energy pattern is supporting shifts in perspective, changes in our mind, and a willingness to look at new perspectives.

It’s a time of not being stuck in perspectives and being able to see other’s points of view without losing ones own.

Don’t be too set in your way, or overly entrenched in your beliefs, mindset or approach. Consider other people’s perspectives, while seeing and feeling which is the right view for you. The key is to be centered in what is of integrity for you, but open to other ways and points of view. If there are differences of opinion, opposing views and different approaches the best course is to allow it, observe it and don’t feel the need to resolve the opposition,

There doesn’t have to be conflict from opposing views. What helps to deter the conflict is to take a step back and allow some time to transpire where at all possible.

This month there will be plenty of experiences and time to get to better know yourself energetically.

Clarity is key. Truly we can’t make really life-enhancing and sound decisions without clarity.

This month focus on what emotionally and energetically moves you…

Follow your passion and live your purpose.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am Divinely guided by what inspires me.

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