April Energies – Soul Finding Synthesis

April brings an energy of openness, restless energy and a bit of a juggling act for many.

Yes, Spring has sprung and so has some of the seeds you are planting.

It’s important this month that you take care of your energy and your body and it will be there for you.

There are unseen forces at odds moving out the old and moving in the new.

There doesn’t have to be inner or outer turmoil if you focus on integration and balance.

This is very much a mind-body-spirit balance as a way to get to the deeper needs of your Soul.

For many of you this month will bring some type of separation that is beneficial for some time on your own for some Soul searching.

Actually, it may be more “Soul finding”.

You will be finding what is more important to your Soul and how to better co-create your life, as well as navigate it in more alignment with your Soul.

April is a 45/9 month and so there is a tremendous energy toward security, reinforcing foundations while branching out.

For some long-distance travel, overseas travel and/or weekend trips by car will bring some needed new influences.

I also see an upsurge in a collective focus on human rights, justice, equality and situations that seem unfair or unbalanced.  This will bring  an out-picturing of the oppositional energy.  I see a lot of TV/News watching and civic events a focus.  Social Media will reflect this, as well as some demonstrations and protests.

The old and the new is at a tug of war and The Universal Energies is trying to find a synthesis.

Think of a bridge this month.  That something or someone is helping you bridge to something new.

The area of where you are bridging will be unique to you; however an important component for everyone consciously on the Soul Path is that your Soul will figure in prominently to your decisions and directions.

For me this new energy is bringing in major moves and shifts in how I create, share and guide.

I am leaving the New Moon and Full Moon in the former expression of me.

I am also working with a company on a platform to be able to share more of what I have learned, received from my guides and provide more Soul Support in a community setting that includes courses/classes.

If you have anything you would like to share, or for me to include please don’t hesitate to email me.

I feel this bridging is going to be seen collectively, as well.

In fact, I see it become more of a focus and necessity in the next 2-3 yrs.

Somethings no longer work as well and something that is a better version is coming through personally and collectively.


Love our time together however we connect.


Keep Shining Bright



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