New Beginnings, New Landscapes and New Pathways

As I write this high up in the mountains sandwiched between the energies of the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction Winter’s Solstice and the light of the “Christmas Star” that was created by the conjunction’s illumination and the Full Moon in Cancer.

I feel the energies of what is ending and what is beginning…

The first part of the year, similar to last year will really start end of February-March…

There will be a lazy hazy, perhaps from Neptune’s spray of energy atmosphere in the collective..

Collectively the energy cycle we will be in for the year is a 41/5, and we start of in January with an numerological energy transit of a 42/6…

It perfectly coincides with the Cancerian Full Moon of 12-28-2020…

Home, family, love, loving, relationships, values, what we value, emotional fulfillment and connection come more into our focus.

I have been seeing in my visions for the past few years a grand exodus…

Many people moving at once and a collective shuffling…

Some from the city to the country.

Some from the country to the city.

Some form the mountains to the beach and seashore.

Environments will be a key focus this year and into the coming years…

It is as if everyone has an itch to scratch and needs to find where, how and whom can scratch it…

It is a deep Soul Call and Divine Discontent that brings the many upcoming changes as to the personal part of our lives.

Where can we now live?  Where is it best to live? How can we live and with whom?

Will it be a farm, an apartment, a flat, a cottage, a brownstone, high rise, in a quaint fisherman’s village, on an remote coastline, high up in the mountains, the desert, by the sea, in a yurt, a hut, a tiny house, a group home, a community, a parcel of land to build our own dream home, or dream community?

The next question is with whom?

We will be getting a Soul Call bringing us to our Soul Group, Soul Pod, Soul Tribe and Soul Family…

How we live and “work” has to change, will change and is changing as I write this to you.

The higher harmonic of family will be emphasized… There will be more of a focus, understanding and integration of the idea of the “human family” and what this means…

Humanity and how we live upon this beautiful abundant earth will be an important reflection and action point.

For this month move beyond the idea of house and home and bring in the idea of the earth as your home.

What connects you to this home?

What expresses comfort for you in this home?

How can you connect more to this home and nurture yourself while living in this home.

I suggest getting a rock, a river rock; or one you find on a walk and place it somewhere in your house to meditate with it.

Hold it in your hand and feel the interconnectedness to you and this rock.

Let this beautiful Rock Being transmit it’s ancient knowledge and grounded energy to you.

We will all need a lot of grounding and support in 2021 while our world greatly changes…

Phase 2… Plan x, y and z, and then perhaps a, b, c…

Don’t expect the logic to be the order, and don’t expect to be able to order.

Flexibility and adaptability are key, as well as connecting to and trusting your intuition.

This will also be a month infused with light, lightness, joy and creativity.

Creative energy is on a higher note, as well as self-expression from the Soul.

For some this self-expression will come from a wounded place, an area of discontent and atmosphere of unrest.

Division, civil unrest and opposing views are on the surface.

Love, interconnectedness and abundance are within the fabric of the earth and expression of being and experience.

This month we will all have examples of how our inner state does influence our reality.

We will also see and feel how we feel in certain realities.                                                          

We are the Divine Counterparts of Mother Earth.

We are here to experience, as well as express through life and living on this earthplane. 

Within the 3D-4D realm of life there will be need to pause to listen to oneself, one’s emotions and physical needs.

As we move more into the New Paradigm; which has it’s blueprint with the energy of Aquarius as its foundation it will be very important to be very in tune with one’s physical body and attuned to one’s emotional body.

This attuning helps to foster the Soul Alignment and connects to our Spirit and therefore the Praha – life force energy of life…

At this stage this can only happening by being heart-centered and embodying the higher frequency energy and awareness.

We have to feel it to live it…


Soul Insights Mantra:

I  listen to my Soul Call and answer it by singing my own Soul Song.

Wherever  I travel, whatever the circumstances and whatever the landscape I can trust the guidance from my Soul through my Higher Self.

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