The Split is Seen – Moving Beyond to Live Within the Big Picture

This New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius brings an awareness of the thoughtforms, beliefs and philosophies that are contracted, distorted and from the past paradigm of consciousness made manifest.

There is an oppositional force of energy and light, which forms the information (in-form-a-tion) from which our earth forms are created and manifested.

In many ways what is above is trying to manifest below…

What is within is trying to be revealed without.

There will be an energy of both uplifting, inspiration, aspiration and creative cooperative  action, as well as an energy of collapse, limitation and opposition.

Keep your focus and life experience Soul Alignment and Heart Centered 

We are co-Creating the future based on the New Emerging Conscious.

It is not yet created.  We are creating and co-creating the new reality.

It is destined to be created and other dimensionally it is already created and in etheric form.

What is happening more consciously and collectively is the resonant energetic patterns through an upleveling and upgrading of the complex of frequencies, wavelengths and vibrations through us…

We are being upleveled and upgraded and our individual resonant frequencies and vibrations are being recalibrated and requalified to be able to open up to, imbibe and embody the higher frequency energy pattern and design.

It’s as if we are being adjusted like a cosmic and cosmological chiropractic adjustment.

It’s also as if our energy field and that of those that we are connecting with which will make up the new foundational energy matrix are being realigned by the Acupuncturist of the Universe.

We are being realigned.

This realignment is the Soul Alignment and is the new matrix is the building block and foundation of the New Paradigm.

Hold your vision, align to your faith and trust in the higher Divine Plan.

Connect with those of higher mind, higher ideals and that are living more from inclusivity, oneness, openness and an awareness of the understanding that collective shifts happen through individuals.

All is converging and happening simultaneously.

Since 2005 we have been in the converging flow, and this converging flow is now beginning to be felt and experienced through our conscious awareness and body.

The energies that are reflected in this New Moon Total Solar eclipse, as well as the energies of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, as well as other aspects and then energetic shifts will cause a greater eye opening awareness to the extremes of the Polarity Plane through Duality.  

There may be some shocking or disconcerting situations as this split through the  unacknowledged, untended to, unexamined, unhealed wounding is observed and/or experienced through a further projection of the shadow aspect of relating and being.

It will be important to do grounding exercises, spend time in nature and walk.  

Be around inspiration, as well as people that are inspirationally focused.

A good use of this energetic aspect is to journal your thoughts, ideas, and visions for your future; as well as for the future of earth and how you see the higher ideal and connection to the Soul being lived.

Journaling to connect to your inner self to help sooth and process any wounding would also be helpful.

Taking the time to write out your goals and vision for you life and lifestyle is also an empowering use of this energy.

Connect with others that are staying as high vibrational as possible.

This does not mean to do a spiritual or emotional bypass and be Polly Anna, or “Positive Thoughts” only.

It does mean that you connect to your true feelings, be with them, take care of yourself emotionally, self-soothe, nurture and do your self-care and then bring you awareness to the truth of how you are here for a reason, with gifts, talents, abilities, and a Soul Purpose.

What you have within and what brings you fulfillment is needed and necessary at this time and for this cosmological reorientation and earthplane shift.

Yes there will be fluctuations in energy, individual rights challenged, emotional flare ups; however where you choose to predominately put your energy and focus will determine your experience.

It will also contribute to the collective experience that is in the process of shifting…

The New is tying to come in.

It will.

It is like a birth… There is trying, persistent effort and perseverance.

We are in the birth canal.

We are getting close to crowning.

There is effort and choice in birthing someone or something new or anew…

Focus more on what you want.

Be grateful for what you have, and be open to receive what you need.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am Divinely guided and Divinely inspired.

I live from the Higher Self and the higher perspective and this enables the highest vibration and best outcome to manifest for me and all humanity.

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