Faith is a Kind of Alignment…December Soul Insights + Numerology

So much starts by getting to know and re-know ourselves through the various changes and growth we go through on our Soul Path.

Staying with the same dreams and wanting them to manifest the same way you envisioned when you started out on your Soul Path is staying stuck.

It is staying stuck in a mindset that paralyzes your natural flow and disconnects you from the flow of Source Energies and the innate Intelligence of the All That Is.

You are a Divine Spark and emanating ember of light and a flame from the Infinite Flame of LIfe…

Your passion and true motivation when connected and accessed from your Soul is very fulfilling and also sets up and inner navigation system that is a beyond reason valuable guide.

For some the energetic unfolding for Dec. will be a feeling of relief, confirmation, and an easing of difficulties.  For others you may feel like the dam has broken or that you were shot out of a cannon, or launched from a rocket, where you were stuck waiting expulsion or for lift-off.

There is movement in more than the mind.  Chances are you have been thinking, planning, strategizing and now definitive openings are appearing.

Some are forged by your own hard work, intention, focus and follow through; however some will come “as if” “out of the blue”.

Take stock of where you are and just how far you have come.

A nice little gratitude – appreciation list would really be handy right now.

Also, alignment is key.

It’s all about alignment what is essential to you, what brings you what you need, brings you joy, heath, wellness, balance, a sense of inner peace, stability and most importantly what brings you an expression and experience  of love in it’s exalted forms.

All this brings you into alignment with your Soul and attunes you to your heart.

December is a 52/7 month in the collective energies and focus.

This means that all that is spiritual, psychological, philosophical will ease any discomfort, uncertainty and focused work.

Faith and how you interpret this state of  being will open you to receive Grace and connect with it’s Divine healing and uplifting power.                  Spirit as all of Nature works in mysterious ways.  The less you try to figure it all out, and the more that you find the Tru Flow you will be greatly helped, supported, empowered and inspired.

Change doesn’t have to come from hardship, but it does come from some kind of “working hard”… Mental, emotional, physical, material or spiritual…. Once a good level of “work” is put in a Grace and Ease can kick in…

After all luck is preparation meeting opportunity…. Even on a Soul level…

Seeing the spiritual side of things, as well as how all is Spirit in physical form, and that all is consciousness made manifest can give a broader viewpoint and wisdom in understanding how divergent views, differences in beliefs and lifestyle can be expressed on earth, as well as within ourselves.

A key to understanding more peaceful living, starting with inner peace is to not try to make all fit in neat boxes or Box A and Box B.

Getting out of the binary of things and not overly focusing on the dualistic viewpoints or understandings, or using “Black or White”. “Right or Wrong”  thinking will move you into an awareness and use of the the creative energies of the “Nature of All That Is” and and out of the overly limiting human nature of surface reality. 

It’s time to bridge and build to your “next thing”; however from a place of flow…

This flow aligns you to the Current of Universal Flow…

The opening is through your Higher Self, the gateway is your Soul.

Trust your intuition and the inner guidance from your Higher Self.

Soul Insights Mantra:

My personal energy current and flow is aligned to my Soul and attuned to my heart. 

I am in Soul Resonance in a flow that aligns with the flow of the Universal Energy Current.

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