Aries Full Moon- Fiery Passion and Purpose in this Spiritual Play

This Full Moon in Aries will bring a very direct message to you from an aspect of you as to what is out of balance in your life and relationships.
This aspect can be from wounding, the ego, the Higher Self and Soul or a combination.
What will be highlighted is the balance of being “Other Directed and Self Directed”

It’s all about the deeper healing and manifesting what is more in alignment to your true needs.

What do you have and what do you need?

Many people may feel a lot of irritation, anger and hemmed in within their relationships and circumstance of their life.
Look for areas in your life right now where there has been too much pushing, or not enough nudging.
Also areas of great frustration or anger will point out where and how you have been dreaming your energy and giving your power/empowerment away.
Power struggles within oneself and others can give way to harmony by seeking balance and being attuned to your energy levels and your body’s needs.

If you have not been doing the deeper healing, shadow work, emotional healing; as well as, relating pattern healing and empowerment work, then some stark truths will begin to surface.
Even so this Aries Full Moon is highlighting the inward focus and healing energy of Chiron, Mars Retrograde and it’s aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.
This coupled with Neptune in Pisces there is a decided shift to not delude oneself, self-sacrifice; or get caught up in other people’s dramas.
We all have enough to “work on” and “focus on” in our individual lives.

A good use of this energy is to bring in the understanding that to a large degree irritation, annoyance, frustration and anger have to do with our boundaries being over-stepped.
We either over-step them and/or allow others to in an effort many times to “not rock the boat”, keep the status quo, and just “get a long”; or out of some fear.

The energy right now can either fiery impassioned, or smoldering
If it’s smoldering ask yourself are you dousing out your own passion and fiery motivation for you potential.
Do you have dreams, desires and visions of what you would like to do and how you would like your life to be?
Are there plans you need and want to put into motion to help you in your dreams and desires?
Are there changes you need to make in your life, daily routine or relationships that will help you be the ideal version of you your life?
What is calling you? What are you passionate about? What aligns you to your truth and Soul and gives your life a sense of purpose?

It is a time to think of “you” more; however a “you” that is in the context of a bigger vision and bigger world view.
It’s true you fit in everywhere; however where and how do you fit in now; and what do you want to do with your slice of life.
It’s time to be guided by passion and purpose.
It’s time to join with others in a way that honors their sacred life.
We can’t truly come together with others, or truly be there for others if we are not able to be here for ourselves.

It’s much easier to get through the uncertainty and rough patches of life when we are connected to our Inner Spirit and have a passion and purpose.
Follow your heart, your true desires and passion this will lead you to your purpose and help you navigate the changes in the world right now; as well as the bigger decisions.

Full Moon in Aries Mantra:

I move through my life with passion and purpose

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