Coming Out of Hiding – Seeking and Finding

What You Have Been Seeking Is Finding You…

We’ve all been seeking, and what we are seeking is seeking us.
It’s a vibrational match.,.

This month is about finding what you are seeking and what you are seeking finding you…
Some dreams, desires, goals are starting to come into manifestation and form.
Some ideas are percolating.
Some new ideas are coming into your awareness as flashes of insight, nudges from the Universe and re-occurring dreams.

This month is a ‘13/4 Month’, so there is quite a bit of the unexpected at play.
What comes this month, whether through an awareness, understanding, intuitional flash or by experience will be showing you something very important about your Soul’s unfolding, purpose and life direction.

There will be some sudden turn of events and for many this will bring a sense of relief.
Someone or something is also catapulting into or out of your life…
There can be losses, intense changes, quick decisions, stunning developments, new openings and breakthroughs this month.

Let your Spirit guide you this week and connect more into your Soul in ways that uplift, inspire and bring you a sense of interconnectedness, inner peace and joy.
Process what needs to be processed and do what you can to stay attuned to your Soul and heart connected.

Change can be good, even if it pinches or hurts at first.
The changes are supporting an even greater aspect of our being.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am vibing in alignment with my Soul for more Soul expressed living.

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