Whatever Ignites Your Passion Connects You to Your Soul…

This New Moon in Leo during this Leo Season is a kickstarter for Soul Expression.

We are all being asked to connect into our true Nature; which is our Soul and therefore our Soul Expression.
We have been in a re-evaluation, deep healing, and a time of becoming acutely aware of what does not support what is truly sustainable for growth, peace, equality, and a more unifying aspect of love and oneness.
This has involved a tearing down phase of stark awareness and a dismantling of what is no longer serving and that which will not be a function in the New Paradigm.

This New Moon in Leo with it’s energetic aspects is preparing us for BIG change… Yes, bigger than what we have already experienced.
The changes that this energetic transit is prepping us for is the way of relating, co-creating, generating and being from the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradignm.
We need to take action with what is in the energy and frequency of the New Paradigm.
Time to take those steps, take action, speak up and do so more from the truth of your Soul…

The underlying principle is the Law of One; and the unifying principle and expression is love.
The unifying principle and the underlying principle are one and the same…
The more non-duality we can express and experience, the more of a higher octave of love…

In Leo this is love through creative solutions, self expression based on Soul Expression.
Our Soul-ar nature is our Soul…
It is the center point of our being.
As Leo is ruled by the Sun it chooses to shine it’s light through it’s endeavors, self-expression and Soul expression.
This expression is our progeny; which is not just “human children” that we birth, but the offspring of our ideas, creations and reality.

This New Moon is bringing more clarity and light in the form of a deeper realization of what is really true for you; which means that has meaning and purpose.
You can expect flashes of insight, some AHA moments, and a new understanding of your gifts.

For many of you there will be a glaring awareness of your Soul gifts and Soul purpose.
Now, can you embody the courage of the Lion and move forward on your Soul’s purpose and your dreams, desires and most importantly your vision…

This is the question to ask this New Moon, and to take at least one action step toward your more Soul fulfilling reality.

Soul Insights New Moon Mantra

I now have the courage and belief in me to take the steps in creating a more Soul fulfilling reality.
I now shine my light even brighter with more love and joy in what I do on my Soul Path.

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