Somethings Are Starkly Revealed… I Am You And You Are Me…

This month there will be many revelations, new ideas, new directions and confirmations on the Soul Path.

Some of the revaluations will be how much projection is in our life and a call to bring more consciousness to relating to allow for less projection and more perception.

This month “I am you and you are me” takes on new meaning and importance…
We will be checking ourselves, our beliefs and those of the collective reality pretty fiercely

2020 is a “Double Turning Point” Year…
It is a time of not only personal-individual turning points, but on a group level from our families, communities, societies, nationally and internationally.

This month we are in a 46/10 numerological cycle.
There are new beginnings, new starts, new directions and new ideas coming into view.
However, this cycle can bring a lot of emotionally charged situations to the forefront and the emotional responses that are attached to them.
Speaking of attachments, the idea of releasing attachments from the past will be an element to this energetic cycle.
Much of the energetic focus this month is a focus on the values, principles, emotional situations and relationships that either need to change, be moved on from and or reinforced for more emotional healing and emotional fulfillment whether personally, publicly, in business or one’s personal life.

All extensive group change and collective change is on a non-linear timer…
When enough individuals have shifted, changes and a new level of consciousness has a more riper soil to not only seed, but sprout the tipping point and critical mass is reached and goes into effect.

We can never truly heal unless the underlying issue and caused is addressed and focused upon.
If we don’t get to the root cause we never truly heal and we can’t truly transform, and even blossom in life.
This is very true individually, not just in the collective of people known as humanity.

Most people don’t like digging deep to get to the root cause of pain, suffering, harmful actions and actions, as well as behaviors that are not only non life-enhancing, but detrimental.

All conditioned response relating patterns, psychological protection mechanisms and defense systems have deep wounding at it’s core.
We have to address, focus on and treat the underlying injury, issue and wound.
When we take the sacred tine and the form of love in healing and self care we can get to the core and begin to heal.
Whether spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical healing it takes time and consistent effort as well as patience and love…
So much love…

All healing is a a cry for balance, homeostasis and love…
This love takes many forms and expressions.
This love can include: equality, attention, affection, assistance, understanding, care, opportunity, creativity, health, wellness, respect, honor, security, stability, acknowledgment, forgiveness, resolution, openness, being listened to, feeling safe, feeling taken into account and considered, the right and safety to love who we love, to be how we are – our genuine self, the right and place to connect, share, come together, gather and be in fellowship with each other.

This is just a brief focus on the way love can take shape and form; as well as, be an expression and experience.
“Rights” are also boundaries and we all need them individually and collectively.

This month begins a cycle for each of us of a lot more being revealed to us about our life, our true purpose; as well as, what brings us true fulfillment, love and a sense of belonging in our life and in the world at large…

We are being given insights and opportunities to see the truth of situations in our life, our place in the world, and what is truly life-enhancing for us and others.

You may find yourself more interested in global affairs and the affairs of people from differing cultures; as well as with differing points of views.
There is an energy and assistance through this energy to be able to see other people’s views, beliefs, computations, philosophical views as well as religious beliefs and views more dispassionately.

This month there will be a lot of movement, and for some decisions made and acted upon.
It is still a time to evaluate and re-evaluate your life, focus, lifestyle, beliefs, views and what brings you love, fulfillment, sense of belonging, purpose and peace of mind.
The planetary retrograded energy; especially with Venus Retrograde; as well as the conjunction to the North Node in Gemini and Sagittarius South Node is requiring a full contemplation and evaluation of our beliefs, lifestyle, values, and what we value, as well as what we love and value and how we show love to what we value.

Gemini North Node & Sagittarius South Node – A Soul Perspective

A brand new cycle with big – big change is upon everyone individually, as well as collectively.
This brand new cycle is very shiny. It is shiny with a glaring bright light highlighting so many areas in life-
Systems, relationships, laws, relationships, local -federal-international governments, principles, beliefs, philosophies, religions, ideas of how life should be lived and what is really important; and in fact all sectors of life are being affected.

For some this glaring light will be blinding, for others illuminating.
It all depends on how you look at what is revealed to you, and how it motivates you, inspires you, heals you, clarifies you and your decisions; as well as spurs you into inspired action.

The call is a ‘Soul Call’…
Above all else to thine own self be true…
What is true for you?
What is true for someone else?
Where do we meet in the middle?

We have to meet in the middle, whether it’s parts within ourself that need to be loved, healed, reconciled and integrated, or it is with other people and outsides situations.

This month I really hope you not only begin to see how all change happens first individually, as well as act upon this understanding in your life.
We can’t have a “critical mass” or “tipping point” without healing, growth, transformation, more consciousness and awareness individually.

Your inner-work, healing, living more Soul connected, aware and conscious does make a difference.
As we live with more awareness of our needs and the needs of each other we create a portal for more consciousness.

When we come together in a higher level of consciousness; which also means love we create a ripple effect into communities, the world and universe…

we are being forced through a timecode of Awakening to become more conscious of each other and to respond to each other consciously.

Some beneficial ways to be work with this month’s energies:
* Take time to notice what has been truly important to you the past 3 months.
* Do something concrete to support and reinforce what is who and what is truly support of you and your family.
* Re-evalúate your lifestyle, including where and how you work to see if there needs to be any adjustments/changes that are healthier and more in alignment with your values.
* Take some extra time for self-care and to rest your nervous system, mental, emotional and physical body.
* Find ways, or reconnect to ways that nurture your Spirit and connect you to your Soul
* Take time to meditate and connect in with your Higher Self
* Reach out, connect with those that are supportive of you, get you, inspire you, calm you, and that you can “just be yourself with”
* Break your routines in life-enhancing and perhaps even fun and exploratory ways.
* Listen to or watch something humorous – Have a laugh fest with a loved one…

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am guided everyday to something more Soul Aligned and Spirit Connected.
What I think, what I do makes a difference and I am using my light and consciousness in life-enhancing ways.

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