The Inner Healer and the Healing Properties of Sage

We have an inner healer within ourselves and from nature.
Our inner healer works through our intuition, inner knowing and body wisdom.
Our own body wisdom and intuition is a powerful guide for our healing.
Take time to listen to this part of you…

There is much that can be done to bring peace and calm to our life by adjusting our thoughts and focusing on what is life-enhancing.
Healing is about balancing and our body does this naturally. Sometimes we need assistance from others in this balancing, and many times this comes from what is natural.

We also can receive healing and balancing from the healing properties in foods, herbs, spices and nature…
Sage some peace, calm, uplifting and cleansing energy into your body and home. 🙌🏽
Benefits of Smudging with sage
The name sage comes from the Latin “salvia,” which means, “to feel healthy.”
🌿 •Increases your sense of well-being and improving mental focus.
•Uplifts your spirit •Balances and boosts energy
•Clears negative energy.
•Nature’s antidepressant.
•Clears the air.
•Cleanses objects •Relaxing effects on the body •Increased energy.
•Improves your sleep.
Sage has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans to treat digestive issues, memory issues, lack of sleep, restlessness, and sore throats…
When taking sage internally it’s thought that the ‘phenolic compounds’ found in sage are helpful by having an ‘antioxidant’ effect and reducing free radicals.
The two compounds in sage ‘2 Rosmarinic acid’, and ‘carnosic acid’ ; which is also found in rosemary, are associated with an antioxidant effect on the body.
Sage taken internally has these benefits: •protects against bacterial and viral infections.
•Reduces inflammation
•headache relief
•reducing oxidative stress on the body
•protecting against free radical damage as a dietary supplement for digestion
•sore throat relief
•protecting against
•memory loss •reducing depression and improving your mood.

Keep calm & stay safe 🙌🏽

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