Coronavirus – Navigating and Gaining Positive Control and Inner Peace

A time of great re-evaluation & prioritizing values.
It is a time of looking within to see what needs to change.
Focus on what is genuine, real, true, based on love, what is life-enhancing and lasts beyond what is transitory and surface.
I share insights from a Spiritual-Soul & metaphysical perspective on the Covid19/Corona Virus 🦠 💚
I also share, as a therapist some practical tools and life-enhancing, healing and empowering ways to deal with uncertainty, anxiety and distress.
There are small actions, as well as ways of adjusting our mindset that we all can do while experiencing this crisis.
Much of what creates and contributes to anxiety, fear & panic is the loss of control and a rise in the percentage of the ‘unknown’ as a life factor.
Some suggestions to gain some positive personal control and inner peace:

1- Write out your concerns and fears that are coming up for you at this time and get a basic understanding of the issues; as well as helpful information that is useable for you.

2- Choose a diverse source of professional- medical-scientific – verifiable information.
Bear in mind you can find 10 valid experts with one opinion and ten more valid experts with opposing views and facts.
Use your wisdom and discernment.
Up to 10 sources and notice the commonality and repeated fact based information.
Distill this in a way that resonants to you and gives you a healthy level of reassurance( as well as practical actions you can do to gain some positive control/preparedness.

3- It is healthy and productive to talk about the crisis- your thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears with those your family, friends, colleagues and in your social circle; however limit the amount of time & focus. After a period of time redirect the topic to something positive, life-enhancing and that fosters feelings of reassurance and connectedness.

4-Limit your time watching the news, programs on this and/or other crises.
Limit your time on social media & online focusing on the crisis.
If you begin feeling anxious you have reached your max.
It’s best not to listen/read about fear based anecdotal stories online or in person,
You don’t have a way of vetting the story/experience and can get yourself worked up in a frenzy over something not true, or partially true.

5- Ingest health promoting, inspiring media
programs/shows, chats, social media, books.
Balance the information and type of information you are taking in.
Watch shows/programs/podcasts that are healthy distractions and that make you geel good.
Comedy, films, ‘how to’ shows, inspirational books & activities
6- Journal and process your emotions and experience.
This is a good time to foster a closer relationship with yourself or deepen it.

7- Meditation and mindfulness – This can be a time of growth, learning, reprioritizing, gaining clarity, assessing and taking time to notice and understand what needs changing.

8- Hobbies, activities, to dos, projects that you either want to catch up on, or have been wanting to start.

9- Spend time with those you love and care about, and also with the activities and pastimes you enjoy.

10-Have a curiosity about the situation and what you can learn and/or learning.

11-Acknowledge and understand that the routine changes won’t last.
Acknowledge that there are some aspects of the situation you can’t control or change.
Focus in a balanced way, what you can manage and control in your life.

12- Have compassion, empathy, and an understanding of this life situation for yourself and others.

13- Keep whatever level of “normalcy” in your routine in life to the degree that is possible, while introducing some new information, discoveries, activities, hobbies that are guided by your own volition and self-control.
Balance the unknown with the known in your life.

14- Be a participant in your own health and well being.
There is vid statistical studies that show people that heal and recover from acute and/or debilitating, even diagnosed/prognose terminal illness took an active role and ]control of their treatment plan, gathering information, adjusting their mindset, research and integrating their own lifestyle/dietary changes.

15-Gratitude Lists are helpful; as well as focusing on what you do know, do have and appreciate in your life.
You can also do a mental exercise of recalling the times you have gotten through difficulties, trauma, illnesses, challenges and crises successfully,
Bring a focus to the difficulties you have overcome.
If you compete in athletics, sports, dance, chess and other competitive activities focus on the times you made if through, completed, or won.

Focus on just how far you have come in your life, how much you know and how you have “made it through”
Focus on stories of resiliency.

I am here if you need me; or have questions. I am very active in this way on FB and Instagram. The Facebook Awakenings community page is a good resource; as well as my You Tube channel. I will be offering a forum where we can connect, share, bring insights, healing modalities and I can be more present for you.

Much Love and Soul Light


Spiritual and Metaphysical Perspective on Covid19_Corona Virus

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