Through the Light of the Moon I Reflect More of My Soul Light Through My Creativity

It is through Leo that the light of the Soul shines…
It is the way in which we express our Soul through our creative expressions…
We demonstrate ourselves via what and how we create…
We are able to reflect back on ourselves to know ourselves in a deeper way.

As we reflect back on our Soul light we share through our creativity and self-expression we come to know we are “self – creating”, “self -generating” and “self- demonstrating” by what is revealed through our creative self expression.
We come to know ourselves as an aspect of the Universal Creative Life Force, and therefore and extension of Universal Creativity and the Innate Intelligence of the All That Is…
We are contributing creators of the Earth and Universe…

In Leo esoterically we realize we are the Heart of the Sun…
The sun being the focal point for our personality in our individual lives, and our heart the guiding principle to what matters to us, brings us joy, a sense of fulfillment and meaning in our life.
Universally the Sun is the focal point of the Over Soul; or the over-arching focal point on this earthplane.
This focal point on the earthplane is love…
Love of life, love of our creations, and love of each other…
This love is also know as our Soul’s purpose, life purpose, and our self-expression.

This Full Moon in Leo ♌️ today shines a light on our individual self expression; as well as where we might be feeling blocked from fully expressing ourselves.
Put some creative time and energy into your environment and connect to more of your self expression…

Full Moons reveal what has been hidden, shadowed, unknown and only partially known.
They also act a culminating points transits for our individual and collective transitions.
During this Leo Full Moon there is something that is culminating from the previous Lunar Cycles, and that was brought into fuller awareness during the previous Aquarius New Moon.

This Full Moon brings an awareness of the need to bridge head and heart in our personal life, goals and dreams.
The heady New Moon in Aquarius ♒️ on January 24 of this year moved some deep emotions to the surface; as well as, moved some situations to a new level and brought some ideas, dreams, goals, issues, concerns and situation up to a level of awareness to confront, begin to resolve and move forward.

This Leo Full Moon brings the courage to move forward, complete; as well as bring into personalized self-expression.
This Full Moon will bring a deeper realization of what doesn’t want in there life, as well as what one does want. This realization may come through a level of impatience, and personal disappointment by what has been revealed during the couple of weeks after the Aquarius New Moon.

Aquarius is where we fit into the group, the collective and within humanity. The sign of Leo asks us to focus on our own self-expression and dare to shine individually. Aquarius is the group and Leo is the individual within the group. There is a balance in this polarity and this Full Moon brings an awareness of this balance. Something has to give, give up, or move past to move forward in your own Soul Path.
It will take courage to see it, recognize it and express it…

There may be strong impressions of your memories of your past coming up.
This Full Moon in Leo highlights many situations and memories of the past.
Many will find themselves connecting to parts of themselves; as well as, aspects of their life that have been a bit underground, or underserved.

This February Full Moon in some Native tribes is called a ‘Snow Moon’ and in some cultures a ‘Hunger Moon’.
The Snow Moon describes snow during this winter season.
The Hunger Moon aptly named due to this time in winter where the food sources where scarce and the hunting for food more difficult.

Look to what seems scarce in your life and ask yourself: “What are you hunting for – or, seeking?”
This Full Moon highlights what either detracts from, highlights and/or supports your creative Soul expression.

Soul Path Lunar Affirmation:

As I shine my light for all to see I begin to see more of my authentic me…
I now allow more of my own inner Soul light to shine bright through my love and the creative expressions coming through me.

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