Wolf Full Moon Cancer Lunar Eclipse ♋️ In the Light of the Moon What You Have Been Feeling Comes to Light

If we are open and have the inner eyes to see, the moon shines a light revealing what we have been resisting, unaware of emotionally, fearing; or not recognizing in our own Soul’s beauty…

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th in Cancer will be revealing from the depths of your being.

A focus will be on what relating patterns, relationship dynamics, family patterns, emotional patterns and the behaviors associated with said emotions; as well as societal beliefs, patterns and group dynamics need to be changed, adjusted; or completely overhauled.

The energy of the depths of your being Will be felt through the lens of the sensitive Cancerian crab coupled with the practical, diligent energies of the Billy Goat Capricorn.
The Stellium in Capricorn (3 or more planets in the same sign in a chart), plus Mercury in Capricorn opposition Cancer heighten an awareness of keeping the status quo, or letting it go; whether personally, in relationships, job, career, finance, goals, values, body and health concerns; as well as over-all lifestyle and mode of living.

Something has been changing and between this Cancerian Lunar Eclipse and the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse a lot will not only be revealed, but big changes will be occuring.

in 2020 individuals and eventually as a collective people will begin to realize that everything breaks down into pattern; and for those that are metaphysically and esoterically inclined energetic patterns.
It is not just as if we are flipping the script, we are actually beginning to change our very coding on a mental, emotional, physical, cellular and etheric level to the DNA and Energetic Matrix.
This will be easier to do when we all are less attached to our relating patterns of behavior, conditioned response patterns and beliefs that hold them in place.

We will less and less be saying: “Oh, this is just me. This is how I am.”; or “That’s just how it is, or always has been.”

The only pattern of energy that we “are” is a Soul Design; which is every growing, changing, evolving, experimenting and exploring what is to be and how it is to be and love, loving and be loved… Being in loving and loving in all it’s various forms is being…

Our Soul Design is our uniqueness, our gifts, talents, proclivities and what brings us natural joy.
It is a combo of shadow and light = What is revealed, not revealed, and coming to be revealed.
It is a constant slow and steady; as well as sometimes fast and surprising emerging…
Our Soul is the God Consciousness as us… We are Universal slices of life 🙂
(Some other names: Spirit,-Universe-The All That Is-Universe – Innate Intelligent of the Universe)
As more people wake up to this differences are not seen as bad or something to be feared…
We are not there yet as a collective, but we are on track for this.

So, the beginning of this New Year starts out with a very powerful Lunar Eclipse that is a part of a succession of eclipses that began in January of 2011 with the Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn.

This year, in 2020 we are starting off with a Lunar Eclipse; which is more about our feelings and the emotional part of our life. It about how we feel in general, but also about how we feel about certain parts of our life and our relationships.

Lunar Eclipses “feel” more intense than solar eclipses, as the moon represents our feeling nature and emotions.
They are seldom life changing are seldom; however they may indicate a time when you choose to do this instead of that. The decisions and changes stemming from the energetic passage of a Lunar Eclipse will be based on emotional needs and how something or someone makes us feel.

When a solar eclipse aspects your chart, your life and your basis for operating in life changes. Lunar eclipses are more situational. They also peak at the time of the eclipse and sort of energetically level out over the next three months.

Lunar Eclipses bring it up emotional, in our feelings what we have been sensing; or is there subconsciously and we have been ignoring.
The Solar Eclipses take what we have been sensing, feeling, and emotionally connecting to and it give it more tangible sharp and form for the changes both inner and outer in our circumstances, relationship and overall life.

The Solar Sign of Capricorn is the anchoring point of the Lunation in Cancer.
Capricorn is the sign of the “Initiate” and “The Disciple”. Disciple comes from the word “discipline”… This is a very timely message in this at a very “timely” time.
Capricorn co-ruled by Saturn and Saturn represent “Father Time”… Capricorn heralds of structure, form, institutions, corporations, the material world and the earth.
It is the energy and focus on creating, inventing and instituting forms that keep the structure on this earthplane and materially.
The very structure and form of life; and the forms; ie: institutions, corporations, body of politics; as well as our own structure is changing.

With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse what was hidden on a feeling level, emotional and mental well-being level is revealed.
Full Moon’s can shine a light on what you have been resisting in your life; or what you have not consciously realized is emotionally needed, wanted and important to you.

It isn’t so much that a Lunar or Solar Eclipse “affects” us; it is the succession of them. The consistent energetic influence that heals, promotes the growth, transforms us and redirects our energy.
It is the culmination of the influence.

All planetary influences are not something “outside” of us.
The are the quantum or macro aspect of us… They are us…
Once you really get this you see how everything and everyone on some level is interconnected.

All of life is synergistic, symbiotic and based on interconnected.
So, you can understand the ancestral, familial, group, community, societal, global, universal trends by “reading the signs”, so to speak.

One way to read the signs is intuitively – your own inner knowing, your body wisdom.
Other ways are psychically, channeled information and insights; which is Soul Direction, Astrology, Numerology, The I Ching, Kabbalah/Tree of Life, Tarot and other forms of Divination.

The best way is to be in tune. This means to attune to your own body wisdom and the inner knowing of your Higher Self through your intuition.
We can’t do this though if we are operating out of ‘Conditioned Response Patterns’, limiting beliefs, non-life enhancing beliefs and behaviors, mental constructs of ‘how life is” passed down to us that we don’t resonate with; or chronically being in toxic relationships or environments.

The deep profound changes we have all been going through from the Transpersonal – Universal – God part of us is so that we are not only prepared for the New Paradigm that is being downloaded and co-created, but that we all have the room to receive and be the New Emerging Consciousness.

We can receive the new energy, more expanded viewpoints, more life-enhancing beliefs, attitudes and more resonant, coherent, creative, loving, more fulfilling beliefs and behaviors if we are clogged up with the “old stuff”…
If we are still carrying around a lot of baggage, unnecessary stuff internally and externally we have no room to move, to grow and to receive.

If we are weighed down by our past we can’t move forward into our future self and more fulfilled living.
The sign Cancer has to do with the “Mothering Principle” in forms, hence it is the opposite, or complement to Capricorn.
Capricorn can be seen as the “Father Principle” in forms, as well as the Keeper of these forms. Cancer is the nurturer of the forms.
Capricorn is: ‘Father Time’, Karma, Patriarchy, instinctual father, worldly father, universal father and Divine Father.

Cancer is: instinctual mother, worldly mother, universal mother, Divine Mother.

Cancer also represent our personal mother, or how we were mothered, what we love and how we feel safe and secure in loving and loving relationships.
Cancer, like Capricorn likes the status quo and in fact likes societal norms and status.
So, these inner personal and collective norms are being disrupted.

As the Cancerian energy deals with who, what, where and how we feel emotionally stable and secure these will be a major focus the next 2-2 1/2 years.
Cancer also represents our house, personal housing; as well as where and how we are housed. This means also our physical body; our body temple that we like the crab take with us everywhere we go.
For this reason at this time it is a really good idea to take care of your earth house- your body and all that this means to you.

It also means to get more in tune with you body and your body wisdom. Learn how you body guides you; and become a better decipherer of your intuition.
Many of the changes coming up in 2020 you won’t be able to make with logic and reasoning alone. You will have to trust your intuition, as the logic and reason will be made known after the situation.

The larger home we all have is earth, so there will be much more of a focus on the earth, earth changes, climate issues, housing, food costs and all that goes into the quality of life.

Scaling down and scaling back will be a natural inclination. I would suggest following this.
Get rid of the excesses. Pair down and don’t over-extend, or over-spend financially.

Relationships and stabilizing; as well as securing them will be very important this month and in 2020 and beyond.

Capricorn has a lot to do with financial/material/structures security/stability and Cancer emotional/feeling/security/stability.
Both signs deal with the “body” – Capricorn the bones, ligaments and muscles.

Cancer the emotional aspect, care of the body and over-all body look, image and how one feels in one’s body.
Not only where we live, but how we live will be highlighted during this Lunar Eclipse and into 2020.

Life-style changes promoting health, wellness, fair/equal housing, equal care of the body – our personal body; as well as the earth body and all this entails such as housing, climate,rules, laws and regulations that keep the earth plane organized.

The tide has changed and this month you will begin to really see why; as well as how it affects you emotionally.
It’s a good time to get your “house” in order…
(houses, lifestyle, inner house, body house, and all that represents your life-style)

It’s also a good time to ask yourself some deep, real, genuine questions with love, compassion and patience.
Do this from a Soul Level.
You don’t want to ask questions from a purely egoic or wounded level of your being.

Get in a relaxed meditative state, write out all your fears, concerns, issues around emotional and financial security.
There are meditation on my You Tube channel; as well as my website that you can use to center and tune in.

Some questions to ask yourself:
What is security and stability?
What stabilizes you emotionally?
What is emotional security?
Who and what brings feelings of emotional security
Who or what brings me a “feeling” of financial and/or material security?
What does my genuine inner security come from and how does it look?
What brings me inner stability and security?

What beliefs create and reinforce my inner stability/security?
What beliefs bring and reinforce my outer stability in finances and money.
What does my genuine self, My Soul need to be and feel stable/secure in MY life?

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