You’re Not Out of Time -January 2020 Monthly Forecast

This month we are in a 14/5 cycle. The year’s numerological energy is a 40/4.
It’s all about stability and focusing on what a has a stabilizing quality of energy and/or brings clarity for better structure. This also brings in a focus on house, home, emotional stability, security, emotional healing; as well as, the deep subconscious patterns that either help us and are life-enhancing; or that we need to change because they sabotage and undercut us.

I dive into this in my 2020 overview with a highlight for each numerology pattern for individuals personal years.
The small shifts, changes, opening and new directions that are coming in this month are leading toward some kind of stabilization and form of security.
This can be mentally, emotionally, physically and materially; or a combination of each area of your life. There will also be focus this month and throughout the year on Spiritual stability; which means and inner stability; as well as a sense of centeredness and connection to one’s Soul.

This month starts off a bit slow and inward and you may have to revisit decisions in regards to friendships, relationships, family, career/work and your live-work balance.
Chances are you are wanting to free up a bit and seeing some areas in your life that need not only your focused attention, but love and care.
Give your self some “Me Time” and extra breathing room this month.
If you don’t have big decisions, opportunities and new directions that are evident this month, then you are in the part of the energetic cycle that is about preparing for these changes and focus.
Change takes time on the earthplane, but there can also be exponential leaps…
You are not out of time; or lagging behind. You are on your own time table in conjunction with the Divine Timing of the Universe.
It may seem that all is “taking forever” and to the ego this is not just a feeling, but a fact; however, things can change in a “holy instant’ or the ‘eleventh hour.

It is possible to be trudging along step by step and skip a thousand steps arriving at your destination.
So trust your path, even if there are some setbacks, unsettling events, issues or left turns.
Sometimes a left turn ends up getting you where you need and want to go more quickly, even if it doesn’t’ seem like it when you are first making the turn.
For some this month brings decisions about two people in relationships, two jobs and or 2 directions.
I would suggest, if you can to wait until after the 15th and maybe somewhere after the 20th to make major or decisions that “lock” you into something, or someone.
Obviously, if the decision is timely, use your own inner wisdom and intuition.

There are some major aspects energetically and astrologically this month that will clear the air, clear the way and make your direction more clear…
Remember the changes this month, whether big or small are about stability and clarity.

Take some time to have some fun this month. If you feel the joy has been slowly or greatly squeezed out of your life, then bring an intentional focus back to what gives you joy.
Also, it’s a good time to branch out into new social circles and get a bit more physical.
Move your body in ways that bring you joy and spend some extra time outside in nature.

If you have been feeling like you have been stuck in the weeds this past year, or perhaps even a for a few years now January brings a little weed whacked to you; and 2020 brings a gigantic one…

More to come… Continue on your Soul Path and trust your path and process.

Soul Insights Affirmation: I trust that the changes that I am making and that are happening in my life are for my greatest good and in alignment with my Soul Path.
I am trusting the me that is my Higher Self more and letting this part lead me to my joy, expressions of love and fulfillment.

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