Are You ready for the Journey?

Tonight, at 9:14 PM Pacific time we have a New Moon in Capricorn. The Sun, Moon and Earth will be in a perfect alignment creating an Annular Solar Eclipse with a conjunction to expansive and beneficent Jupiter; which will trine the Transpersonal Planet Uranus, the planet of releasing, breakthroughs and sudden turn of events.

There will be a 2-3 week window of an easing of tensions; as well as sudden breakthroughs, openings and opportunities for new directions.
These aspects energetically are setting in motion a roadway and map to your next level, opportunities and new directions.
Use this energetic focus wisely. This is the time to plan, respond to the new openings with increased optimism and follow through on the opportunities, no matter how big or small, that are presented to you.

You will have much more clarity, deeper understanding; as well as very evident guidance on decision making, directions to go in and actions to take.
What was held back is giving way with an opening and understandable direction.
Actions that were thwarted, areas in your life that seemed cloudy with uncertainty and directions that were blocked are now finally opening.

These aspects are further easing in the new energetic pattern of the New Emerging Consciousness for the New Paradigm.
From a Soul Centered perspective the frequency of Uranus co-joined with Jupiter and the New Moon of new beginnings anchored in the sign of Capricorn is bringing in new systems of thoughts, a further releasing of limiting believes and a further releasing of generational, ancestral and societal patterns that were not or are now no longer life-enhancing.

Many people at this part of the Awakening will be saying: “I can no longer do this. I can no longer tolerate this behavior or these beliefs that unduly limit me.”
Old standing dynamics in relating, family and group dynamics are changing in very tangible ways.

For others the shifts and learning lessons of the previous Eclipse Seasons over the past 2 1/2 yrs have brought you to this realization and your sonar is very attuned to naturally let your self be guided or moved away from unhealthy relating patterns, uneven and unhealthy relationships; as well as, non-life enhancing situations. You can feel how you are naturally pulled away from what is too dissonant, that is not of a high enough resonance and coherence for you and your Soul Path. 

This has been a year of culminations, closure and new beginnings.

For many the new beginnings has been ushered in by loss and stayed in a cloudy haze of the unknown, and no where to go, no decision seems right, and no road to the new direction.
Use this gap time, while the Void is opening up more to focus on your dreams, true desires and that which you genuinely want to manifest.

There is a new game on earth, a New Paradigm based on a more Soul Centered Consciousness and a new journey is beginning and you are about to embark on it…
The closures, culminations, karmic completions, endings, emotional healing, spiritual growth and more life-enhancing relating dynamics and relationships are all part of getting on the paths to this new journey.

The next 2-3 weeks and for some by February the further culminations, karmic completions are setting you in a whole new direction and on a new path.
For many the whole trajectory of you life is about to change greatly influences your lifestyle and career.
Whatever comes onto your path now will be more from the Soul through the directive of your Higher Self. It will reflect your deep desires, secret dreams and somehow set you free to be more genuinely you.

As I listen to my Higher Self I am aligned to the best choices on my Soul path for me.
I am now with planning and discipline able to manifest my dreams, desires and goals with grace and ease…

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