Are You Done?

Are you done with the path you are on?

Are you done with what you are doing, where you are and what you are experiencing?

Are you needing and wanting more?

Are there areas of your life that need tweaking and adjusting?

Are there parts of your relationships, or is there one particular relationship that something needs adjusting, or is finished?

Or, are you finding yourself on the wrong path?


If you are done complete it…

If you are not on the right path, get off of it…


2020 is here and it is a powerful year of major completions,  turning points, new directions in very impacting ways to bring more inner and outer stability.

So, putting some energy into relationship-life review, staring with your relationship to you is key right now.

In fact it will be one of the keys that opens the door to stability, more love, abundance, prosperity and health next year and beyond.

So many times we are taught to follow something through, even when we are finished; or we feel complete with it.

To me it is the same misguidance of parents telling a child to eat all of their food, even when they are complete, full and satisfied.


There are times when we know we are complete. We are done with something and we can feel it; and our inner knowing confirms it.           Trust your body; and learn to feel the direction of your heart and guidance of your Higher Self via your intuition.

Sometimes we find ourselves on the wrong path. It isn’t just the roadblocks it is a feeling in our gut and an inner knowing that we can not only feel in our body, but we see it in our mind.


Just as much as we can be on the “right’ path we can be on the “wrong” path.

It happens to all of us.  A misstep, wrong turn, misinterpretation, limiting perception, well-meaning guidance, or advice and we find ourselves on a path that isn’t really aligned to us.

We can find ourselves on a path that we were trained in our childhood to take; or that is one our family validated us for taking.


Sometimes where we find ourselves is Soul crushing…

Our Soul can barely breath to express and we feel like we are in tight place.

This is either because we have outgrown our present circumstances, or we have been treading on the wrong path for some time.

If it continually doesn’t feel “right” and it feels too tight, small, limiting, not fulfilling, minimizing; or like it doesn’t fit, then it just isn’t for you; or is no longer for you…


It takes courage to say this is not right for me, I have outgrown this; or I am just complete with this…

Moving on doesn’t mean something didn’t once give you joy, love and fulfillment; in fact it still may and you still may be done…

Many times there is no definable reason and that needs to be ok.

Sometimes you are just done…

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