Gemini Full Moon- Communications, Conversations, Clearing the Air, Brainstorming & Keeping One’s Options Open

This week brings a focus on communication, conversations, clearing the air, possibilities,  brainstorming and, keeping one’s options open…

It’s an open-ended time and a lot is in flux.  There seem to be no opportunities, or a lot of opportunities… There may seem to be no middle ground readily available or apparent.

However, there is always a middle ground and it might take some effort, but to handle this Full Moon’s energies will seek the middle way.

Focus on conciliation, cooperation, and mutual consideration in communication.

Consider the options; and yet know that you may not be getting all the facts.

One of the options this month is the opportunity and choice to respond from the Higher Self and not the egoic conditioned response patterns or wounding.

There is a bit of a test going in on with “how” we think, “what’ we think”; as well as how we act and in what way we act…

The Soul Consciousness of our being is being downloaded more into our earthly existence and this is bring a chance to connect more and respond more to our Higher Self.

You will find a lot dissolving this month, including agreements, past patterns and expectations.

It’s really best to take the time to pull back, assess, tune in and receive the Higher Directive of the Higher Self.

Thinking, feeling and doing will all converge this month.

How aligned can you be in your thinking and doing; and how attuned can you be in your feeling?

Some keywords for this moon are:

Talkative, curious, questioning, playful, restless, clever, fickle, funny, sociable, light, youthful, playful, indecisive, impartial, open-minded and quick witted.

It can be a good time for wrapping up contracts, focusing on business deals, collaborations, creative projects based on communication and looking at options in social media, tv radio, film and other forms of entertainment, and communication platforms.

Your local area, neighbors and community will also figure in and be a consideration the next couple of weeks.

The next few weeks will bring some options in the way you respond.

You will begin to clearly see whether it is your thoughts that need changing; or how you respond.   Or, perhaps a blending of the two.

Be open to suggestions, options and choice.

Be curious and flexible.  Realize that facts; as well as insights don’t come in a particular order.

Weigh both sides of a situation and act from a balanced perspective. 

You may not be able to “think” things through only relying on your logic mind.  The energetic focus is guiding you to use your intuition and feelings with your logic and reason.

Be aware of current trends and what is on the surface that you can see; however be aware. That there is much more beneath the surface.

This will become more visible at the 

Soul Insights Full Moon in Gemini Affirmation:

I trust that my restlessness is an energy that will lead me to more of what is interesting, important and fulfilling to me.

I now see that multiple opportunities can be fun for me and lead me to the most self expression for me.

As I entertain my options I am able to connect into myself more genuinely allowing more Soul centered responses.y

I am also realizing it can be fun to be me.

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