Full Moon in Pisces – Lunar Lunacy, Dreamscapes and Inspired Visions

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces has a close aspect to Neptune in Pisces so you can expect some added lunar dreams, visions and a bit of lunacy…
For some there might be nightmares, fears from deep within the inner psyche and subconscious motivations made more known…
For some your dreams will be very vivid and you will feel like daydreaming or meditating more.

Be a little more watchful in a relaxed way. There will be those that will be prone to “Spiritual Bypass”, checking out with drugs, alcohol, vaping, Netflixing, or procrastinating.
Depending how you process the energies you will either tune out or tune in, check out or take time to check in…

The energies will be subtle, but strong. You could even say a subtle intensity; or an intensity in the subtle energy.
We will be much more in tune with our Spirit and spiritual nature, and perhaps so much more that 3D-4D earthly stuff, such as “bill paying”, errands, “to do” lists, organizing, obligations and the worldly obligations and concerns may pale in comparison for the first few days before the Full Moon and until about a week afterwards.

The Zen proverb; Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment carry water” may now mean float on a piece of wood in the water!!!
The mundane for many will take a backseat; or there will be a nudge, a yearning for it to take less of our time and focus.
You might also feel a bit spacey; or like all you want to do is turn within, tune in; or for some check out…
Just make sure that you are not getting caught in your own ego delusions, or illusions that have not even a small basis in potential, probable earthplane reality.
In other words, don’t quite your day job and join the circus; or begin a life as a hobo unless you have been dreaming this up for awhile.
And, then in the latter case wait until the end of the year; or at least December to see if all aspects of you are onboard with this idea and not just a rogue rebelling lunacy part within your inner psyche.

Speaking of psyche, it means Soul in Latin. So, to tune in psychically is to connect in or read, as in a reading from the Soul.
When we connect into to our true Inner Psyche, beyond the layers of egoic conditions, societal programming and conditioned response patterns we connect to our Soul Energy and Blueprint. The real deal and ideal of us…
This Full Moon in Pisces will give us a deeper as well as broader glimpse of this.
We will see the possibilities and potentials of our Soul Unfolding, if we can just believe have more faith a take a small chance, or risk.

The drive will be strong toward the spiritual side of things, including drawing in magnetically what we need and want, and tapping into some uncanny type of belief or faith that things will turn around and that we can have whatever we desire…
For many your dreams will be strong, your dream life more pronounced, and clearer inspired visions of your life and lifestyle.

It’s not a time for rash decisions, or final answers; however this time can be very inspiring, uplifting and creative.
In fact, you can expect some creative spurts, and a deeper touch in to the idea of faith; as well as a Divine Power; or Divine Aspect of Being.

There is an astrological adage that states: “Astrology impels, but does not compel”

This Full Moon and it’s aspects are meant to bring us more in touch with the Infinite, touchy-feely, subtle, spiritual, Spirit Led part of us…
We are meant to touch the sky with our feet on the ground.

Full Moon Mantra:
As I dive deep into the reservoir of the sublime I swim in the waves of the subtle energy.
I now know this energy is not just me, but the flow of life through each and every one of us and life itself.

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