Turning Within – Turning Points & Turning It Up

We have to turn within to receive your inner guidance and insights…
We have to turn within to attune to our true nature…
Ultimately our insights, guidance and knowing come from within…
Trust what you are receiving from within…

The energetic pattern for this September will bring, tests, testing points, turning points and openings for creative problem solving; as well as opportunities for more creative expression.

The Higher Self is nudging us all to wrap up situations that either no longer serve us, are complete, need to be completed; or require a creative and self expressive action from us.
It’s time to wrap up what is finished, accept what is; and whatever is done let it be.

For some you may still feel in limbo, or perhaps held back or blocked in certain parts of you life.
It is a time of transition, and you just have to let the circumstances of your life play out and the circumstances of your relationships work out.

You may be whipping up some new ideas, creative solutions; or creative problem solving.
Slowing down to get a handle on things will help you feel and be more strategic.
The key is to align to your own inner rhythm and flow, so that you can more easily feel where the synchronistic openings, connections are for you; as well as be guided to them.

It’s time to align more to the forces of nature by connecting to all of life through your higher mind…
This part of you mind through your Higher Self can connect and commune with Divine Guidance, align to your Soul for Divine Timing and converge with the flow of all Creation…

It’s not a time to “play small”,however, it is also not a time to over extend your energies, whether emotionally, financially or physically. All that is happening now is to build a better foundation, as well as, bridge to your next level of growth and Soul expression,

Trust the mysteries that are unfolding now.
Learn to trust your Higher Self and the Divine Guidance; as well as intuitive messages you are receiving.
The slowing down, delays and redos this month are so you can really see and hear better.
You are listing for you own authentic inner voice; as well as your messages of Divine Guidance.
Trust the openings, offers and be extra open to receive.
There may be fear in moving forward.
Feel the fear, process it and move forward. …

Pause, recalibrate your inner compass, reset, or reboot, if you feel the need to, your Inner GPS.
Within the pause you will also come to see; as well as understand what needs to “go” in your life. The reoccurring patterns, beliefs and relationships that are no longer in enough resonance.
You will feel this through your solar plexus/abdominal area.
Feelings of nausea, dread, confusion are signaling a reboot or reset is either taking place or needs to in your life and approach.

Soul Insights Affirmation:

As I listen to my inner knowing more I can trust this inner knowing part of me.
As I connect more to my Higher Self I connect and dialogue with the Divine Guidance of the Forces of the Innate Infinite Intelligence of all Nature and Creation.
This Force of nature is within me for all good and life enhancing fulfillment for me.

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