New Moon in Virgo Pay Attention- What Do You See?

Pay attention to the details in your life and in the circumstances you are involved with at this time.
Look, observe, plan, organize and really see…
What do you see close up? What do you see further out?
These observations will not only reveal much to you, but they will reveal the trajectory of your life, circumstances and true focus for you beyond the ego.

You being so guided at this time, so make sure you slow down enough to pay attention.

It is a time fo focusing on the physical of things and deeper awareness; as well as healing.
Areas of food, nutrition – whether what we put in our body, or our mind will be highlighted.

It’s a time to focus on health, healing, your diet ,nutrition, and your routine.

It’s a great idea to make plans, organize and focus on the tangible of things…

There may be bouts of ‘inner conflict’. This is simply signaling you to look within and consciously see what is no longer working.

Take time to visualize and couple your vision with your intent.
It is a highly charged and receptive time right now; which means manifestations can be faster for most.

This New moon is a focuser and chances are what is coming up for you right now is what you have thought of before…
Soooooo it’s time to revisit, revaluate and looker at the details in a better way.

A ‘New Moon’ brings a focus of drawing in and manifesting.
The best time to utilize the energies of the New Moon are 1-3 days after the debuting of the New Moon.
This is a very potent time; and a very energetically fertile time…
This means that whatever is of the most life-enhancement, benefit and Soul Alignment has the most juice to manifest.

Understanding how to best use your energies is key right now; which is paying attention to the details.
The details reveal our true priorities…
Look to the details of you life; especially how you are feeling within your routine.
This will give you great clarity, understanding and focus at this time…
What is in the details of your life right now is a realization of what is truly most important and beneficially to you.

Keep an awareness of the people that are taking more than giving…
Reciprocity is part of the details of life.
There needs to be an even exchange of energy in your life.
You will notice much by appreciating the little things in your life….
The little things in your life reveal what is truly important to you and fulfilling you.
Pay attention, and do more of this…

New Moon Mantra:

I am being divinely guided by the Divine Timing of my life.
I can align to Divine Timing by paying attention to the inner guidance that comes through the details of my life…

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