Scorpio Full Moon- Merge with Yourself, Merge with a Lover, Merge with the Earth… You Realize It’s all the Same…

This Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th brings a dreamy energy and mystical landscapes.

There will be the need for something more; and the feeling of something more…

It’s a time of cosmic revelations, telepathic communications, intuitive knowing, guided messages from the subconscious and prophetic dreams.

All of this urging to be grounded in our routines and “practical” reality.

For those that are very aware there will be a glimpse and a feeling into the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

This Full Moon is about the deep, dark, chthonic and what seems both humanly and otherworldly; which means “us” as Spirit – Soul Beings/Human Beings.

Don’t try to figure too much out during this Full Moon and the few days before and the 2 weeks after it’s illumination.

You might feel like you are getting more questions and questioning than answers.  Trust your intuition now, as well as the messages and signs you receive.  Your Higher Self and the Universe (one in the same) will be guiding you via synchronicity and a signs to bring you confirmations on your path.

This is because the beta state of our conscious mind, the cognitive functioning can’t track what is happening; and it isn’t suppose to and doesn’t need to figure it out…

This time is about finding a way, and for each person it will be unique to them, of integrating the mystical, intuitive, dreamy, transcendent part of us into our life more…

It may have seemed with the New Moon in Taurus that the Full Moon would bring some answers and conclusions.  In fact, for many it will bring more questions and a plunge into the murky stream of unconsciousness; as well as more spiritual experiences and transcendent states.

The manifestation of energy for many will both be energizing, buzzing; as well as dreamy, sleepy with a feeling of being in touch of something more in the world and universe…

You may feel like you are more intuitive, psychic and in touch with Spirits from the “otherside”…

The deep side of things will be highlighted – deep conversations, deep connections, deep understanding, deep relationships will be not only a focus, but a need.

No glossing over of issues, concerns, needs or wants will be able to be tolerated.

Truth, integrity and honest will be more important; as well as trust.

The relationships that are drawn in at this time will have a very strong spiritual and Soul bond – Soulmate aspect to them.  Also, in current relationships with significant others, dating, marriage; as well as other committed relationships and partnerships there will be an inner need and a focus of more meaningful connecting and communicating.

For those relationships that are new and burgeoning the requirement will be for depth, as well as more meaningful sharing, communicating and relating.    

A key component in relationships will be are we aligned, are we really compatible; as well as are we really connecting and in sync.

Depth of connections and expression will be emphasized.

For some it will be a nagging questions, for others a lamp that illuminates what is important for them in relating.

In relationships with a sexual expression the need to merge more deeply will be highlighted…

Deep transformative experiences will be sought and one way to do this is through the merging of sexual experiences…

If you are in a sexual relationship, experiencing sex with yourself and/or others; or looking for a sexual experience you will yearn for deep connecting.

The aspects that are emphasized at this time are not keen on the causal; or “wham bam thank you ma’am or sir” 🙂 

For many sensuality, connecting to nature and the earth more; as well as sensual experiences with a lover will be highlighted; or just happen as a boon from the Universe.

A couple of questions to ask at this time are:

Can I really be me?

Am I really being me?

In collegial, collaborative and business relationships that are established they will be tested to see if still “on the same page” or if there is growth needed; as well as some conversations to clear the air, or bring clarity of vision, purpose and intent. 

If you find yourself very impacted at this time with the energies that are at play, then you will be forever changed…

You won’t want the glossing over, slick, or skimming over version of life.

You will yearn for the depth of true connection in it’s many forms and to live out the magical and mystical in your everyday life.

You will also, become acutely aware of your Soul and how to connect and live from this part of you.

You will be connected more to your inner you, intuition and your psychic, healing and spiritual gifts will take a leap in potency.

Flow with this time, and be in the wonder of what it brings up and urges you to create

Yearn more, dream more, also allow yourself to see and feel more.

Let yourself follow your inner urge for more intimacy =

“Into me you see”…

Full Moon Mantra

I call in from the depths of my being all that is perfect for me and my Soul Unfolding.

I now see beyond my physicality and trust my intuition to guide me through the magic and mystery of my Soul Path.

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