Unplug to Connect In

You can’t be in a creative flow and “plugged’ into external demands constantly…

In this world of constant stimuli it is important to make a conscious choice to create a lifestyle where you can unplug; as well as “tune in”…

Our world is an amplification of life itself and many people are addicted to the amplification…

A little buzz, a little more, a little caffeine, a little alcohol,  a little or a lot more… A little workout, a little to a lot more… A little shopping to a lot more…

We hide in the more doing; and overdoing  lost to the subtleties, openness and the rawness of our Inner Being…  And, yet the Inner Being is where all creativity flows and where all love comes from… And, yet we mostly run away from this and societal systems and norms teach us to steel ourselves away from this…

March 1st-2nd is ‘National Day of Unplugging’ .

Let yourself replenish and renew by recharging your Spirit and connecting with your Soul…

Take some time away from looking at your screen and look out a window….

Some suggestions of how to integrate some unplugging into your life:

1- If you are doing work that requires you be on your computer most of the day, take a ‘stretch break every 2-3 hours.

Get up a walk around; or lean back in your chair and take some consciously focused deep breaths.

2- “Take a technology holiday”- If you can’t take the whole day off; or the weekend take a 1-3 hour break.

3- Take off work early, if you can and go to a park, the beach; or take a leisurely drive.  – Go to the beach and take in the ocean; or go to the mountain, forest preserve.  Take time to spend time in nature, even if it is your own backyard.

4- Spend some quality “face to face” time with a family member; or dear friend.

5- Spend some quality “on your own time” to savor and nourish your relationship with yourself.

Excerpt from my book & CD:  ‘Meditation for Everyday Living

The 3 Count Breath and Yogic Breath Meditation are like a mini vacation:

Mindfulness Meditation

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