Virgo Full Moon Supermoon- Refining Your Vision

The energies of this powerful ‘’Supermoon Full Moon” at 0 degrees Virgo is a portal to refining your desires and an opening to tangible new manifestations.

It is a time of seeing a clearer reflection of your true needs, wants, desires and goals…

It is a time of a practical focus; as well as seeing how your dreams can become reality.

This Full Moon will make some buzzy with energy; and others hazy, lazy and dreamy.  It will however, draw you more to your inner truth.   Virgo likes clarity and truth; so you may be having heart to heart conversations where you will want to speak your truth.

Take the time to do something good for your body, mind and spirit…

Make the adjustments for what is best for your body and mind by attuning to your spirit and trusting your intuition.   Your intuition can really be on point the day before the full moon and into the next 3 weeks.

It’s time to open up to receive your insights, intuitive guidance, next steps,  creative solutions and ideas…

You can receive some great downloads right now by being open to your Higherself.

Open up, get your ideas and do the action steps to make your ideas tangible.  Follow through on the inner guidance and messages you are getting from your Higherself and Spirit.

Work on letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs.  Use the laser like reflection of the full moon to know where you need to release restrictions, burdens and limitations.

Its time to know, understand and live from your  connection to Infinite Source…  Its time to refine your vision and take action… Following through for you and your life goals will be a key focus for the next 6 months.

Moon Magic Affirmation:

I am not restricted by limiting beliefs.

I am connected to Infinite Source and guided by the infinite source within me.


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