Feb 2019 Numerology Energies & Forecast – Free Up, Lighten Up and Get Into the Divine Flow

Change in life is often necessary even when it is uncomfortable.

If you are feeling uncomfortable right now bless the feeling, because it means you are changing, and without change, there is no growth.

When your confidence wanes or you feel insecure, take quiet time to connect with your higher self and contemplate just how far you have come…

The numerical energy pattern this February really highlights change and new pathways; as well as new directions…

Some of this change seems to be “coming out of the blue”; however, it will be something you have either had a long desire of, fear of, or inkling of it as a hope, or possibility.

This month we are in a 14/5; which brings new beginnings, new directions and a “fork in the road”…

Try and be open to possibilities, even if your mind has been set on a circumstance, situation, or relationship unfolding in a certain way.      In fact with these energies it is very challenging to be uncertain of anything other than change.

For some of you there might not yet be tangible changes or direction, however, you can definitely feel that something is happening under the surface of your routine, and overall life.

The one energies bring a need to clarify, step out of your routine and for independence.. These energies want you to break free.

The four energies bring a need to fortify, join with others and to reinforce the structures in your life.   These energies want you to stabilize.

The five brings changes in possibilities and more of a creative energy.    Love affairs, matters of the heart, ides of what self-worth means and taking chances are highlighted.  Creative projects, collaborations, self-expression, leisure and fun times are emphasized.   It’s a time to join with others and be open to new people on your path.    One that could be Soulmate that is a life partner; or a long time collaborator can be drawn to you at this time on your path.

Let this cycle work for you…

Don’t push and pull.  See where the Universal Tide wants to take you…

3 posts in Feb, why???  A lot of shifting the first quarter, soooo come on people align your flow.




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