New Moon Energies-Be Present, Be Open, Be True to You and Expect the Unexpected

You are about to be electrified into new beginnings… 💥

The New Moon is in Aquarius, the planetary sign of expansion, cosmic consciousness and the ‘New Paradigm’.


This  is the sign of innovation, invention, disruption, uniqueness, outspokenness, truth, individuality and following your own path.

Co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus the energies and manifesting outcome of this New Moon can teach us a lot.  Lesssons of persistence, perseverance, preparation with a good blending of  innovation,  freeing up, following your hunches and your own dreams will be highlighted.

A new harmonizing and more resonating blend of the earthy part of Aquarius and the otherworldly forward thinking  part is being created within you and your circumstances…

Time to build better structures and to be set free…

The Moon’s illumination is growing and beginning a new cycle.              A lot will be illuminated in the area of change, disruption to your routine; as well as possibilities with people, relationships, career choices and situations.

It is a time of heightened awareness, clarification and decision making.

You will begin to glimpse a deeper more expanded reality forming and you will not want a glossing over of issues, problems, challenges; or life direction.   The muddled energy of December and January is clearing up.

Expect the unexpected.  It could be the call or text from and EX, a long lost friend, the return of a business opportunity; or an offer to showcase your unique Soul gifts and talents.

Whatever springs into your lap today and the next 2 weeks will be something that opens a door to your unique capabilities.   It will also be something; or someone that reflects a deep need, desire and wish fulfilled.

Expect clear communications, truth telling and an upsurge in energy.

For those of you that have places to place your energy this is a great New Moon 🌙 nudge, push or kick…

Whatever is on the agenda truth and clarity will be key.

Also, what will are key precedence is whatever aligns you more to your Soul Group, Soul Tribe, Soul Path and your Path of Destiny… 

Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends, connections through friendships, hopes, dreams, wishes, desires, community, groups; as well as how we blend into patterns of types of people, situations and are a part of the collective, and humanity. 

Whatever springs into your conscious awareness, life, relationships and circumstances from now until the end of the month you will really see where your Soul through your HIgher Self is guiding you.

If you have been doing the deep innerwork, then GREAT.  You are about to get a wish fulfilled, a payoff, a nudge in the right direction and a definite sign as to your next steps.

I suggest from today, and for the rest of this week put your attention on what you DO want, and do some action steps big or small that reinforce for you your deepest desires and wishes…

It’s also a great time to do a ‘Vision Board’, ‘Vision Book’, ‘Mindmapping’, Mission Statement and start an ‘Ideas Book’.

Remember, your deepest desires come from your Soul and when you follow the signs, pay attention to the synchronicities you are guided in magical ways to the most loving relationships, situations and fulfilling circumstances….

Go stare at the moon and feel it’s deep rays of inner guidance, then do at least one tangiable action step to use this moon’s energies to manifest your dream, desire and intention.


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