New Moon in Capricorn & Partial Solar Eclipse Moon Magic Ritual

This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in earthy Capricorn marks a passage of endings and new beginnings…
The energy that is being ushered in is slow and steady and requires a lot of contemplation, acceptance, gratitude and openness to the new that is now forming in your life and the world.
To fully be open to this energy and welcome it here’s a New Moon Ritual:
Take some sacred time with yourself and get into a meditative state.

If you need some inspiration you can use one of my breathwork and meditation downloads.

Mindfulness Meditation

Moon Magic Ritual:
Take a piece of white paper and cut 3 small circles that will fit into a small drinking glass or small vase.
On one piece of paper write down what you learned in 2018 and how it changed your life.

On the second circle of paper write down what you are releasing and letting go of at this time in your life.
This letting go can be a situation, a person, a food, a behavior, a belief, an idea, etc… It is whatever is not supporting you and servicing your life-enhancing forward movement in your life.
This letting go of can also be letting go of struggle or trying to hold on, or control outcomes.
On the third circle of paper write what you are open to in the new year and want to experience in your life.
Then fill up the glass with water and put each circle in the glass in the order that you wrote.
What you are open to drawing in and receiving is on the top.
Put the glass in a windowsill and leave it there until Jan. 31st.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse energies are emphasized and highlighted for 2 weeks after the Solar Eclipse.
This will ground and anchor the energies.
This energetic pattern will continue throughout the year and be highlighted in the next 3 eclipses culminating in Dec. 2019.
This is a new energetic pattern that is connecting us all to the ability to live more as “Soul Beings” and less as egoic wounded beings.
All you learned and the changes of the past have assisted in this.

All that was lost, and the trials, learning lessons and deeper healing of 2018 prepared us all for this on a deeper level of expression…

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