Big Changes – Bigger Dreams ~~ January Soul Insights

Trust, Have Faith and Go with the BiG Changes 🦋

Big changes require that some things fall away…

This falling away can be as abstract as ones beliefs, or one’s motivation.
What falls away or disappears can also what is more tangible such as relationships, friendships, jobs, careers; as well as income and revenue streams.

The changes are not punishment, but a redirection of energy toward more authentic self expression, authentic living and therefore soul alignment.

January brings a release of energy; and a feeling of things lightening up.
You can expect things to move forward and quite quickly mid to end of the month.

Honestly, the first quarter of the year is a bit “start -stop”, but hey, we are getting use to this new energy pattern. Right? …. Yes, we are for sure…

If you look back over last year, by the time December came around we were all chanting the mantra words of “I release and I let go”, Faith, trust and go with the flow…

The energetic patterns that are converging in January will be highlighted through the lens of the partial solar eclipse. Jan. 5-6 and the total lunar eclipse on Jan. 20-21.
Whatever was the focus and theme for you in your life in June and July of 2018 will be highlighted again to resolve in whatever way is most life enhancing for your soul expression and soul experience in life…

It is increasingly about ‘the soul’ on this earthplane 🌏. So, whatever gets you out of your wounding and into more authentic soul fueled living will be occurring for you.

You might feel a bit like to don’t have control and that a lot is changing… Well, it is; or will be in a way that connects to more self expressive and authentic living.

Our should of, could of, i cant’s and scared to will be falling away, dropping away, winding out, or yanked away.

Expect opportunities for more growth and self expression. Also, dig deep and get to the bottom; or reach up to the top to grab what you love doing in life.
It’s time to make plans centered on inspiration, aspiration, self expression, abundance and love.

The energies will be expanding; however it will be up to us to make our dreams a reality.
We will get the signs, the messages the inner guidance; as well as the magical helpers and synchronicities to assist us and guide us on our way.
However, there will be a need for consistent effort and using our skills; as well as a focus on our unique talents; or “soul gifts”.
You can harness the energies of January in a really life enhancing way by doing at least one action that grounds your dreams more into reality.
Grounding will be key this month as well as getting “serious” about your dreams, visions and goals…

You have secret dreams and desires. The universe has been listening and your Higher Self wants to fulfill them to live them
The New Emerging Conscious of the New Paradigm is about expanding in awareness and consciousness and not living small.
No matter what your circumstances there is a way to think better and live bigger…
This bigger is no about “things”, consuming and acquiring. It’s about creating and authentic self expression; as well as banding with others and sharing more in love.

Soul insights Affirmation:

As I trust in my inner guidance and follow my inner vision I manifest my dreams into reality.
I trust, believe and have faith that all I truly need and want is being drawn to me.

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