2019 Numerology Insights & Forecast for the Year

Numbers represent pattern of energy; as well as the potential and probability as to how this energy will manifest as life experiences.

These life experiences can be learning lessons, blessings and gifts, inspiration, aspiration, motivation; as well as hightlight a theme for your life during a one e year cycle.

Each cycle is an initiation for the Soul and part of the Soul’s journey of unfolding and Soul expression. These cycles can be read, attuned to, aligned to and used via the system of Numerology.
Each year in January; which is the agreed upon ‘New Year’ we have a new energy cycle for the year. This cycle brings a main theme with it and 2-3 sub themes. These cycles bring learning lessons, evolutionary changes, opportunities for growth, healing, more awareness and a collective focus and integration.

Each year we have our own individual energetic cycle, which is personal to us. We have 2 main cycles that affect us; our individual; as well as the collective cycle.
Our individual cycle is based on our ‘birth year’; also, known as our ‘Solar Return – (Soular Year).
When we know what personal cycle, or Numerology cycle, we are in we can align to the universal energies for the most fulfillment, and life-enhancing.

To calculate your personal number year take the number of your most recent birthday year.
1. Add all digits of your month and day of birth + 2019:
Month ___ + Day ___ + 2+0+1+9 = ______
2. Now add each single digit of your total to arrive at the single-digit Personal Year number:
_____ = ______+ ____= _____
(Total) = (1st single digit) + (2nd single digit) = (Personal Year number)

If your most recent birthday is December 31, 2018, then you would use the year 2018 to calculate.
However, if your birthday is January 1, you would then use the year 2019

Add the numbers together and condense to a single digit number from 1-9.
However, if the numbers add up to a 10, for this post i will share, the info and insights on the 10 cycle and the energies of the 1 cycle.

*To be accurate for your ‘Soul Cycle’ you have to calculate from birthday to birthday and not by New Year to New Year. *

In my healing and empowerment practice I read the double digit numbers and sub numbers for the sub cycles. You will still gain amazing and accurate clarity and insights, by the basic, or foundational cycle I have outlined below.

2019 Is a 12/3 year.
The energies of this year will connect us more to the mystical and magical part of life. An understanding; as well as more intimate connection to the subtle energy of the universe will be felt and experienced. It is also an energy that brings increased insights and inspiration. Living aspirational will be emphasized.
Key words and themes for 2019:
Creativity, love, fertility, abundance, communication, writing, collaboration, community, connecting in groups, divine feminine, women, nurturing, receiving, socializing, harmony.

2019 is a synthesizing year, and a year of reconciling opposites inner and outer.
There will be an impetus to understand, integrate changes and assimilate learning lessons as well as make peace by reaching mutual compromise.

It’s a time of reshaping and manifesting your dreams and desires from your Soul’s perspective.
This means from your authentic self and in a way that brings meaning, purpose, abundance and a sense of fulfillment.
This year we are in a catalyst year, a spring board of options; which is causing major life changes.

These changes are not little shifts; the shifts have been occurring the last 3 1/2-5 years and now we are in a time of expansion into more Soul Expression.
There can be delays and reversals in this cycle; however this is only to align to Universal Timing.
There will be a lot of puzzle pieces moving around collectively in the playground of the main stream.

It’s a time of branching out and connecting with more like-minded individuals for shared projects; as well as creative projects and self expression.

2018 was a testing period and a time of major learning lessons on a egoic level with a focus of learning be more “Soul Fueled and Spirit Led”, as I like to call it…
There were many delays, frustrating delays, restrictions, limitations, plans disrupted; and a lot that was “taken away”

This was all done with the intention and with the effort of teaches us all how to listen to our Higher Self, the speaker of our Soul; and to be guided by our higher nature…
To be led by our intuition; which requires we take the time to slow down, tune in through the meditative state of being; which is our true nature and connects us to our core.
It i here that we find our ‘Inner Compass’ for our true north; as well as access and learn to use our own ‘Inner GPS’
We can only use GPS if we ‘know’ where we are going; otherwise we have to use our Inner Compass for navigation through the terrain of our life and Soul Path.
This is beyond the realm of the ego; and o this is why the testing purging, releasing, time of patience and faith time of 2018

We were all struggling in the cocoon in 2017; and 2018 our wings were sprouting; however we couldn’t yet fly, or fly very far…

So, 2019 we are more acclimated to our new wings; or bigger wings and we have to stretch them; really use them to expand them to fly further and farther than we have before.
It’s a time for more expression, experience, more love, abundance and prosperity.
It is time to free up…
Release what you have outgrown, that is too constricting and step up and out into a more empowering; as well as fulfilling version of you and your life.

It is a time to be seen, be heard and to expand the way you communicate; as well as where you communicate.
There will be new areas of self expression, creativity and connecting through groups; as well as new areas and ways of your own personal expression.
Friends, social circles and what makes you happy and fulfilled in your life will take key precedence.

Your personal energetic focus and theme for 2019:
Each number will give you the basic theme of your individual Numerology cycle and how to integrate with the ‘collective cycle’.

1- The one cycle brings in a focus of independence and stretching out on your own into new territories.
You may be in a deeper internal, and/or healing cycle that you are coming out of and now looking for a creative outlet for your new insights and ideas.
Make sure you carve out time for ‘Divine Downloads’. You could have some amazing AHA’s and some really good business ideas this cycle.

Communication and exchanges on all levels will be highlighted.
You will be gaging your individual expression with that of others that you meet and collaborate; as well as work with in group settings.
You will gain an understanding of your gifts and talents; as well as where and how you fit into situations.

Listen to your inner knowing and follow through on your creative ideas. Some big ideas will be coming through, so believe and let yourself be guided to new directions; as well as allow yourself to branch out into new groups and scenarios.

You will also find yourself in unfamiliar circumstances. This happens in a way to stretch your limits and belief.
You will want to venture out on your own.
Your mind will be explorative and inquisitive.

Your personal 1 year with the collective 3 year brings desire to have more personal; as well as financial stability and freedom in your life.
Also, take care of your body and health. Eat well, get enough sleep to restore and take time alone time when you need to. You are learning something about ‘you’ and your own need and wants this cycle.
You are learning you are the Magician in your own life and you create a lot of your reality.


2- It’s all about you and the “other” and balance for you. You might feel like you are learning a lot about relationships and that you are either seeing parts of yourself mirrored in others; or you are being inspired by others.
You will see your reflection through other people at this time; as well as learning what is “your stuff” and what is someone else’s.
You are learning to perceive your world; be open to collaboration and compromise, yet in a way that your needs are met.

Take a look at my Soul Path tool: “Projection – Perception’ on the Soul Playground blog and in the ‘Soul Path Tools’ resource section.

You are integrating and assimilating information. You might feel a bit of a replay of last year; however, this cycle you know more and are ready to join forces with others..
Listen to others as you can learn a lot; however, also make sure you go within to your own inner truth and guidance.
Spiritual tools like mindfulness and meditation will be of great benefit.
You can be a good mediator at this time; and your sense of others intentions will be heightened.
You will feel more intuitive and for some be in telepathic communication.
You may not “see” where you are going, but if you take the time to attune energetically you will feel it.
Relationships are key this cycle as your energy aligns with the collective 3 energy pattern.


3- Boom Boom – Open up and express…
Speak your truth and live your dream.
You will be feeling very expressive and creative.
It will be important that you explore avenues of creating, expressing and sharing in the world.
Your world is expanding and their will be other people that want to join you, as well as highlight what you do.
Accept the help that is offered to you and accept that abundance that is coming your way.
You are fertile with ideas and you are receiving insights that help you and others.

This is a time of growth and new horizons. Travel; especially short trips, road trips and little jaunts can come your way, even if not planned.

This is a very productive time; and one filled with a sense of belonging.
You will meet more of your Soul Tribe and some great relationships can be formed.
It is all about the form and enjoying the fruits of this earthplane.
This cycle focuses on creating and producing; whether of the mind, emotions, or body.
If of the body their can be pregnancy.

Your personal 3 energy aligned with the collective 3 energy can bring you to a place of important choices.
These choices, can be in projects, job, career and relationship.
In fact an important soul mate; and/or twin flame relationship can be forged at this time.
You will have the people and resources around you that you need for the most fulfillment vibrationally possible.


4- Connecting the dots, following the thread, and then putting it all together for stability and security.
If there have been loses and financial challenges this cycle will redirect your energy in a way to once again stabilize.
Some of your resources may have not been available to you; or you had to economize.
Those of you that have resources available you will focus on investing, budgeting and putting your finances in a position to stabilize, build and work for you.
The idea of investment may come in the form of revising contracts and commitments in relationships, for some this can be engagement and marriage.

All things focusing on the material; as well as foundational are highlighted now.
Your beliefs and prevalent thoughts may come into focus where you assess how well they are serving you and enhancing your life.
You are coming to know that you are they emperor in your own personal kingdom.

With the energies of the collective 3 cycle you will realize that managing your affairs and kingdom is best done attuned to your heart and connected to your Higher Self.
Integrating a spiritual practice will be very helpful during his cycle and making it part of your routine.


5- Learn to listen to your Higher Self and take into account your own counsel.
During this cycle you may feel the need to slow down and check in with yourself more.
You may be coming out of a more restrictive of stagnant feeling time.
This cycle is about change, new directions, travel and extending out of your normal routine.

You may feel restless and extra creative. You also may want to play more and have more romance in your life.
This can be a good cycle for dating, as your social circle widens.
People may come and go during this cycle as a reminder that change is the only constant on this earthplane.

If you don’t grasp and try and control you can receive a lot of benefit in this cycle.
It can be a fertile time of ideas, as well as fertility within the body.
You will be extra sparkly this cycle and draw others to you.
Tune into this energy and share your optimism with others.

In integrating the 5 energy with the collective 3 energy you may find some of your changes in the area of job and career.
Some of you the changes will release you from past limiting patterns of how you view the world and navigate through it.
You will have the strength to make the changes you need to and to navigate the outer changes that are thrust on you.
All that is changing is so a more life-enhancing pattern of being and expressing can be lived by you.


6- Changes in the home, domestic changes and focusing on emotional fulfillment are foundational to this energy cycle.
You are being asked to get to know yourself better – the present you.
For some this brings remodeling, or redecorating your home; for some moving to a home that better suits you now.
Family issues, concerns and care are a focus.
Don’t let over emotionalism cause disputes that can’t be reconciled.
In saying this though there will be a need for adjustments in relationships, as well as in family and domestic situations to facilitate what is better for you now emotionally.

For some their can be decision in relationship underscoring what one’s true needs, wants and desires are in present time.
There can be a deepening in relationship bonds leading to engagements, life partnerships, and marriage.
The energetic cycle calls for emotional stability, consistency and what brings bliss.
The choices made during this cycle are to bring deeper meaning and connection in your life through love, emotional fulfillment and relationships.

This 6 energy coupled with the collective 3 energy cycle will bring an ending to what is not emotionally fulfilling on a more authentic level.
You will feel the need to make your decisions from a deeper part of you and you will  want what is real, genuine and honest.


7- Preparation for changes, care of your body, rest, reflection and taking time out are foundational.
You will be learning how not to push the river; and how to go with the flow.
You have a chance to understand energy flows and find your true flow, and align to the flow of “What Is” in your life.

If you learn how to align to what is genuinely happening in your life and not fight or resist you can actually get a lot done.
I call this the “Spirit Cycle”, because more than any other cycle the energies of spirit is helping you…
The “Hand of God” is guiding you…
Spirit Guides, Spirit Team, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Higher Self, Over Souls, Universe, God, whatever your beliefs something beyond your ego is guiding you.

It’s a time to rest, spend time n nature and take good care of your body.
It is a prep cycle that is prepping you for the intensity of the 8 cycle.
Take stock of what is working and what isn’t.
Trust, find your true flow and go with the flow.

This 7 energy cycle coupled with the expansive 3 energy can bring more downtime and space.
The space this cycle may not be filled yet. This will happen next cycle.
There are a lot of inner changes taking place so that you are prepared to respond to the changes, dreams and goals you are planning and putting in place.


8- Strength, fortitude, responsibility and building are foundational this cycle.
Your finances will be a focus, as well as business growth and stabilizing.
Salary raises, inheritances, settlements, as well as other forms of financial increase can occur during this cycle.
It can be a very intense and busy cycle. It’s all about creating, income, finances; and balancing the books.

For some this balancing of the books brings in the idea of “out flow = inflow”, give and take and the proverbial “karma”…
It’s a time of assessing to see if we have met our goals, and if not where have we fallen short or made errors out of ignorance; or repeating patterns that are out-molded; as well as non life-enhancing.

The energetic pattern of the 8 cycles tests us to release patterns that are non-productive at best and toxic at worst.
It’s all about building a solid inner and outer foundation.
Time spent in healing and empowerment modalities can be really beneficial and eye opening.
This cycle can bring and increase in awareness that increases the finances.

This 8 cycle coupled with the collective 3 cycle brings even more testing with the opportunities and possibilities of bigger pay offs financially.
There can be creative and business ideas that really bring success on many levels including monetary.
During this cycle if you understand that everything is energy; and the forms of this energy are your resources you can have more abundance including financial, but not limited to money.
You can bring in a partner; whether business or personal as part of your abundance.


9- Change, separation, endings and culmination’s are cornerstones of this energetic cycle.
Be inspired and don’t fear your time alone.
There is a call deep within you and it is time to answer it. You might feel like being on your own or alone more. It is as if subconsciously a part of you is calling another part of you.
Whether in a couple relationship you will need time alone.
Time for reflection and to hear your own inner messages.

It’s a time of clearing out and this means not only things, but people.
If some people are not around as much or available it is not some external force doing this. It is your own Higher Self inside you.
The endings of this cycle are preparing you for new beginnings.
It’s like you are going on a trip and you can’t bring everything with you.
It is a time of parring down and being selective for this part of your journey.

The selecting and choosing who and what is coming with you will be made on an intuitive; as well as subconscious level.
Your inner psyche is an amazing magical landscape and now is the perfect time to get to know this part of you.
If you are in touch with this part of you, then dive in…
You are at a new level of learning and teaching. You may share more of your insights and assistance within new groups.

You may want to do more for others in a philanthropic way; or you may want to spend more time in nature.
The spiritual aspect of your being is highlighted; as well as a desire for spiritual connection and community.

The energies of the 9 cycle integrated with the 3 energies can bring you in touch with more like-minded individuals.
There can be a keen interest to be a part of a spiritual community.
You may write more and start a blog; or even begin writing a book.
If you are writing a book this cycle is a good one to secure a publisher.
Believe in your Inner You.


10- You are at a culmination point and all that you have learned you have integrated.
This cycle brings a turn for the better and a lighter feeling in your life.
You will feel that all your hard work is paying off; or about to.
Your intuition is really activated and strong.
You understand so much more about yourself and your life.
The wisdom you have gained you not only use for yourself, but to help others.

You can find yourself in completely different circumstances, a different environment and around different people.
The people you are drawn to, guided to; and that you find yourself with are part of an ever expanding circle of experience and growth cycle.
You are getting a wider circle of influence from your cycle of experience.

There can be rewards, recognition, leadership roles; as well as increased responsibility.
For some this brings public acclaim and more work in the public eye.
Your fortune has changed or is changing and some may say you are lucky.
It’s not so much luck, but preparation.
The saying: “ Luck is preparation meeting opportunity” applies here.
There will be good to great opportunities; however how good or great depends on how aligned you were and how well you used the energies of the previous energetic cycles.

This 10 energetic cycle integrated with the collective 3 energetic cycle brings powerful transformative energies.
The empowering and life changing energies are amplified.
Growth and expansion with stability are highlighted.
You will see that it is possible to both expand and stabilize.

You have a chance to move out of binary thinking and think not only outside the box, but outside the world.
The energies are universal. They include the earth, but go beyond it.
You may be required to have extra strong faith and take some risks; however aligned and listening to your Higher Self and trusting your Soul Call your risk is rewarded.
What seemed like big leaps when you look you will see were little steps with stepping stones that you couldn’t see in place.

May you align to your personal energy cycle in a way that brings you the most love, abundance, fulfillment and empowered soul fueled living.

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