Illuminate Yourself

This Full Moon in Gemini brings optimism, renewal and hope 🌚 ✨

It’s about time to keep the faith; or get dome faith…

Be open to the idea that things can get better and do get better.

Nothing awful last for always…

With the Full Moon in Gemini it’s time to think more expansively and ask some illuminating questions of yourself:

Am I communicating with myself and others with love and compassion?

Am I afraid to speak my truth because of what others might think of me?

How can I show up more authentically in the world?

Are my inner and outer world in harmony?

Are my actions in alignment with my intentions?

How can I expand my Soul/self expression? 

It’s time to open up and communicate more clearly and authentically

Clear the air with those you care about,

Let yourself dream more about positive outcomes and famtsstic possibilities.



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