Recognize You Are Blessed & Share Your Blessings

There is a thread through each of us and throughout everything we do, everyone we come into connect with and interact.
This thread in fact is even woven through those we do not meet or see. It is woven through all forms of spirit in matter.

The energetic flows this month are bubbling up quietly at first and then with a force that brings a whoosh of release, as well as relief.

Look to what is extraneous or causing an imbalance in your life… What do you no longer need?

Is there a habit or part of your routine that is no longer serving you and your life well.

This month try not to be too judgmental of yourself and others.

For some of you there has been a lot of pent up energy that will be released.
You will finally have some tangible outlets for your energy.
There will also be opportunities that will lead you to where you want to go in your life, projects and relationships.

If health has been an issue look for deeper healing, and for some the eradication of what was ailing you.
If you are finding yourself in the culmination of a healing crisis new forms of therapy, concrete decisions and a new healing direction are on the horizon for you.

For those of you that have been wondering about the direction of a relationship positive changes leading to clarity, deeper understanding and stability are now possible.

Take more time to focus on your body and the needs of your body…
Listen to the intuition of your body through your solar plexus and heart -lung area.

The 3rd and 4th chakras are being highly activated now to move everyone “out of their head” of thinking and into the body of feeling to get to heart of the matter of your life.

The question to ask this month is: “What really matters to you?” …

If you begin to focus on what really matters to you all else begins to fall into place.

Each of us is blessed in our own way. It is time for a radical shift into knowing this and living this…

Share your blessings with those in your life… You can do this best by being a blessing to yourself and feeling gratitude for just how far you have come…

There might be more to go in your challenges and journey; however if you reach out to what brings a feeling of being blessed this will carry you through.

Love & Light


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