Read The Signs and Get Your Messages

This month some situations will really move…
For some this will be in the career arena and others in relationship.

Expect successful completion to new next levels; as well as decisions that will either get you on a new track and focus; or prep you with certainty of imminent change.

Some people will be letting things go, even things that once were fulfilling and/or that are bringing success.

It is a time of really hearing the Soul Call and following this Inner Directive.

You have to slow down enough to read the signs and get your messages from your Higher Self.

If you take the time now to really open your eyes to see, open your senses to feel; and listen and watch for signs and signals you will get the assistance; as well as guidance you need. Use this month to really integrate into your life pausing, tuning in and getting the messages from your Higher Self. Learn to listen for the messages; whether internal, external or from another person. Take time to read the signs…
This is going to be so key as things really heat up and accelerate at the close of the year and into 2018.

For many there has been a pool of unfinished “stuff” and an atmosphere of chaos. A lot has been left hanging, left unsaid; and let undone. This is all part of this great transition.

Out of chaos comes creativity; and out of confusion comes new order. We can’t change without getting a little messy; and we can’t really know what we want until we try a few things ‘on for size’.

Life can be a bit like trying on jeans. They may look great ‘on the rack’ and great on your best friend; however when you try them on, they just might not fit ‘right’…
You won’t know this until you try them on.

Try not to be disheartened this month if you try some things on and you find they don’t really fit you. What you let go of now is so you gain clarity of what really fulfills you on a soul level. Make room in your life for what really inspires, fulfills and suits you.

Don’t wear something – an idea; or a life that doesn’t fit you.
Now is the time to let go of what not longer fits and embrace what does fit you.

You will know. It will feel like home in an expansive way. You will feel lighter; and express your inner kid more. You will want to laugh and giggle, even in the face of challenges… You will open up to friendships and love more…

You will be opening up to you more…

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