February Soul Insights – Awakening to More Love Through Soul Alignment and Spiritual Connection

This February the energy pattern is one of "Pushing"... Pushing you to what 'seems' out of reach, but what you have been dreaming of to experience in your life. We continue with the theme of love- 'Self Love' and 'Love of Others'...

This month the inner pushing and nudging will be toward more conscious relating. This of course starts with each of us personally...
How conscious are of your true needs and wants? What do you desire? What brings you fulfillment?

The more you are aware of what really brings you fulfillment and what is really important to you this brings a kind of awakening to a fuller part of you.

This month expects some 'tests' in relating that require you to be more open and truthful. Maybe there is a certain conversation you have been 'feeling' you need to have with a special someone. Now is the time... Perhaps there is an imbalance in your work situation and it is over stretching you and causing an energy drain.

Look to where you are receiving and in what proportion to what you are giving.
Sometimes we need to learn to give less and be more present by just being with someone.
Many times 'over giving' creates an energetic barrier between the person we are over giving to and ourselves. It doesn't allow the person to extend toward us.

This month brings a focus on awakening to more love... To seeing yourself as an amazing gifted talent and resource in your own life. This energy will also bring a sense of gratitude for the people and relating situations you have in your life... In essence this month brings a deepening of connection; and for some the awareness of wanting this deeper connection... Connection is love, and awakening to this love brings a thread of fulfillment in all you do.

Each Awakening you have in your life will open up your capacity for more Soul Expressed Living and true Spiritual Integration. This raises your vibrational frequency to not live stuff in the extreme polarity expressions and experiences. Expanding beyond duality you expand beyond 'good-bad' or intense emotions of hate, vengeance and retribution... Some of the 'testing' this month will bring a deeper understanding of our 'human condition' and an awareness of our spirituality; as well as spiritual foundation. Awakening is awakening to all of life experience. Not to just what we think or feel is good... Living more awake is acceptance of 'what is' in your life. If it's 'here' it's here for a reason...
As you live more awake you will come to not only know but feel why someone can be so hurtful or harmful. In each person you will see and feel your own struggle, pain, feelings of not good enough; as well as your own liberation, understanding, compassion and loved expressed...
Authentic Spiritual practice and integration requires accountability, responsibility and thinking not only of yourself, but the other people in your life and world.
Your capacity to forgive and experience compassion directly correlates to your consciousness and true spiritual connection.
The Spiritual Connection and Consciousness that you express, experience and live out "when no one is looking"
You can't hide your intentions, true motives and level of awareness and consciousness from the Universe- God = The All That Is...
Spiritual Awakening requires emotional healing, self/Self Development. Self healing is Self Love.
No matter how much you meditate, chant, do yoga, or do 'Seva' you are not Spiritually Attuned, Soul Aligned or truly living consciously if you are stuck in a blame, us against theme or unforgiving mindset.
A limiting mindset that refuses to grow is not the mind of a Soul Aligned individual... Soul Growth requires stretching out of our previous mindset and limitations... 
In many ways a Soul Connection is a Love Connection. Also, to connect spiritually is connected is connecting through love. In our Spiritual Connection we know no separation.
To say: "That's just the way I am" or "It's their fault" or " I'm not going to change, I don't need to change or I don't need to look at this" stops your process of healing, growth and the mindset of insight. It is actually not only a cop out but a falsity.
As a Spiritual Being and an Aspect of Source Energies you have an unlimited capacity for change, transformation, fulfillment within your circumstance and ever widening expressions and experiences of love.
You can't get to your Inner Knowing if you aren't willing to look at your 'stuff'...Just like you really can't love another if you can't love yourself flaws and all...
To the degree you are whole and Soul Aligned you will experience more Soul Expression, Life Enhancement, Spiritual Awareness and therefore Love.

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