January Soul Insights – The Yearning to Connect and Love More

This January will bring a focus on emotional fulfillment emphasizing the relationships in your life.

You will be drawn to activities and situations that
Take time this month take part in philosophical discussions, art, music and creative expression.
This will feed your Soul, nourish your mind and uplift your emotions.
This year starts out with a yearning and focus on love and a need to connect; as well and share with each other.
Those that take the time to nurture relationships and develop deeper emotional bonds will find a stronger connection with their Higher Self and a feeling of being guided to all that is more fulfilling.  A feeling of being connected to the whole of the Universe and to people that feel special to us will paramount to the foundation of this year.  Seeking kindred spirits and feeling connected, bonding, and sharing ones feelings, thoughts, talents and gifts will be a key urge this January and throughout 2016.  The Soul is saying: “I want some really cool playmates.”  Friendship, connection, collaboration and sharing are the underpinning of this month.  For some this will mean a ‘special someone’ or life mate… Bonds will get closer.
What does this mean for the energies that are dancing in our lives and playing with our mind and emotions?
It means follow and speak to what is emotionally important for you, and what also stretches you mentally.
Unfortunately in our world most people don’t know what is emotionally important for them and most people don’t know what they need emotionally.
The energetic focus of January will bring an awareness of not only what is needed in one’s life, but also what is lacking.
Very often we know something is lacking, but we don’t know what we need.  How do we articulate what we need?  What is the underlying emotion?  Perhaps we need to feel safer; but as we probe deeper; what we really need is reassurance. This reassurance can come in many ways. We just need to first recognize the need and then be open to receive it.  The ‘how we receive’ what we need changes to meet our Soul growth and present time circumstances.  We need to be open to receiving in different ways and from different people.
Many times people are stuck in a rut asking for their needs to be met in a specific way- usually, the way their needs have been met before in their life and relationships.  This stunts our growth and closers us off to new experiences that can bring even more meaning into our life.
This month dare to be childlike again in openness, wonder and possibility. Be open to deepening emotional bonds with those you are in relationship; as well as be open to new relationships. This month dig deep and find out what it takes to make your heart sing and your purr with happiness. Go toward those that bring out the best in you and spend less with those that don’t understand you… Follow your heart and your inspiration will lead the way.

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