Soul Insights – The December Gateway-Portal of Light – What Does It Mean for You?

Do “it” differently….
This Gateway-Portal of Light is causing an intensification of energy that is creating a focus on a revisiting of your past.

This revisiting is bringing up situations, ways of responding and living that you have become entrenched in either by reactions from your patterning, habit; or due to an ‘old world view’ of your life.
Sometimes we react to life; or relationship issues in a way that is determined by a ‘conditioned response pattern’.  This means we react and not act… 
We are reactionary due to emotional charge from our past going back to our family of origin dynamics and we often times don’t even know we are stuck in a pattern.  Responding by habit is kinda lazy… It’s when we just are on autopilot and don’t bother looking at the deeper implications, or even bring in the idea of growth.
Another way of being stuck in our responses, which blocks our Soul Growth is when we have used a way of responding and “it worked” for us in the past, it seemed conscious or healthy and it got us what we wanted we then keep using this response as our ‘world view point’… It looks something like this:  “Well, it worked in the past so why should I change what I am doing?”  “I know what’s going on here. I’ve experienced this before.”
Sometimes we can do what we usually do; or have done in the past and that is okay… It’s just okay though. It’s not great; and it’s not stretching us and opening the door for new ways of being, thinking and relating.  If we keep doing the same old, same old, we are essentially blocking new input from The All That Is- Source Energies…and Source Energies is that Life Force Animating Energy, The driving force of the Universe, is the Universe, is you and me and works through you and me…
How can expect to have new ideas, a shift in awareness, an expansion in consciousness and Soul growth when you won’t allow yourself to climb out of your little box of “This is how I do it.” “This is how I did it in the past.”  We can’t stretch is we won’t first stretch in our mind and world view of our life and experiences.
This Gateway – Portal of Light is highlighting the areas that we need to stretch. Where we need to respond differently, act differently, take a different approach, and allow new influences and responses into our decisions, life and experience.
What worked in the past is not always what will work for the overall enhancement of our life.
We can’t know and understand this unless we take a pause, tune into our Higher Self/Soul Self – our own Inner GPS…
This month and into February the situations in your life will call you to look deeper.  Look to your own wounding and avoidance tendencies. Look where you seem to be doing the same old thing and expecting something different.
The emotional responses and emotional states that come up for you during this time will show you where you need to bring more attention into your life. For some this will be with your relationship with yourself, for others it will be your relationship with other people.  The Soul of Souls, the OverSouls, or Soul of the Universe is deeming that we apply love, compassion and patience to ourselves, as well as with others.  We are to come to know how others do harm, because they are our of love with themselves, the world and the universe…
A little side note, many of you have emailed about my Soul Insights blog and the fact that I didn’t post for a couple of months. JThanx for missing it and thinking of me.  I am in a growth spurt and re-direction of energy and will be transferring this blog to my new site; which isn’t quite complete yet… I will still post here as it is going to take a bit more time to get all in order.
Please email me at: so I can put you on my blog list; as well as add you to my weekly Soul Insights…. I promise what is coming is so amazing, insightful, fun and playful that I just am soooo excited to share with all of you.
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Happy Holidays and Big Hug

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