August Soul Insights: What Do You Love?

Do more of that….

This August brings a time of really yearning to do more of what you love.
It is definitely not a time to shirk responsibility. In fact it is a time to shore up what needs shoring up; or reinforcing. It is a time to look at your foundations in your life and see if they are supportive, fulfilling and meaningful in life.
The Collective Soul; which connects to the Soul in all of us is starting a new cycle where it is now requiring that we tap more into our Soul Essence and Spiritual Energy and bring this into our “everyday living and life”….
It is time to create situations, jobs/positions, careers, relationships and situations that are in more congruence with our Soul and Spiritual Nature.
The cycle that is coming into full swing is not about living in the “La La Land” of avoidance, the “airy fairy”, or doing a spiritual bypass.  Many “seekers”, people that think they are “spiritual” bypass the nitty gritty of the emotional experience and the material plane.  Well, the main reason we all are ‘here’ is to experience via our emotions and to manifest our experiences in the gross/dense physical form called earth or the material plane.
We are here to make our dreams a reality that is fulfilling, fun, full of growth, love, meaning and in a way that contributes; or gives back to the greater whole in varying degrees.  How this ‘giving back’ shows up in your life and is manifested depends on your Soul Design and Soul’s Purpose.  This is also one of the reasons it is so important now to find this out for yourself, tap in, align to this purpose and path to live this out abundantly.  I say abundantly because you can connect to what you really want to do in your life and live abundantly. 
Take some time in August to dream bigger, adjust your sails to what is more meaningful and prosperous for you.  Begin to think in terms of having and doing what you really want, even if on a smaller scale.  
All change begins with a change in perception and is step by step…
This month find a way to take a first step; and if you have been taking small steps, take a bigger step and not only see how you feel, but see where it leads you.
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