July Soul Insights – Releasing What is Out Dated and Making Room for More Soul Expressed Living

Everything has an expiration date…  Our beliefs, behaviors, goals, ways of relating and motivation in life need to be updated to make room for what is now more authentically us. In many ways spiritual growth and living more from our Soul is an undoing, unwinding and dismantling…
The energies of this month are about looking deeper, feeling deeper and going deeper…. This monthly cycle kicks off a larger inclusive cycle that will be continuing until the early Fall months.  We are all being challenged to not only look deeper, but go deeper. In some situations this will be something you feel you really need and want to do and in other circumstances it will seem that you are being forced to do so.  Change happens in the deep places; and in the spaces we feel a bit off kilter…. Just remember all is happening in alignment to your Soul and at the Directive of your Higher Self.
Where this depth is to happen will be in all areas of energy exchange and Soul expression – Meaning where and how you use and put your energy.  Are you giving enough out into the world?  Are you giving to others?  Are you giving to yourself?  Are you receiving enough from those closest to you?
You will be challenged to really feel where you are coming up short; and in many ways it maybe with yourself.
Sometimes it’s hard to ask for what you really need because in the past you didn’t get it; or those in the present are use to you asking…
Well, start asking…. Start taking….Start opening…
There is a misnomer in many “spiritual”, “new age” or “self growth” circles/beliefs that to ask; or to take is not seen as “spiritual”…. I put these titles in quotes as I feel they can be psuedo and not the real deal, so to speak, because they aren’t dealing with real life, real emotions and the practical aspect of life.  In fact most do a ’spiritual bypass’ on the emotional aspect of our being; which is a main reason we are all here on this earth….
The areas of life and relating that will be a challenge and that will be areas of deeper cleansing, clearing and understanding are:
For some it will be in your emotional life; especially relationships and count yourself in as a relationship.
Job/Career – Is it meaningful enough, and what is meaningful to you? …. Be honest
For some it will be in the area of personal goals, lifestyle
For others it will be in the areas of health, healing and taking your physical body into more into account in your life.
What is your physical health and what are your physical outlets; or celebrations? Yes, celebrations; how do you celebrate being in a physical body?
We are being required to really get to the bottom of the honey jar here… Where it is sticky and hard to clean….
We have our tools to use and some of them just don’t fit quite into the jar and some don’t quite get to the very bottom…
But don’t dismay just like with any cleaning you might have to use different tools, or let the jar soak…

If you are getting soaked now, meaning  you are feeling pressure; or that you are emotionally saturated by having to look at an issue for longer than you care to just know that all this is allowing you to free up from what is not truly supportive of you and your life.   Try not to judge your process at this time.  Judge or discern whether the situations and relationships in your life are supporting your growth and moving into your own next level.  In many ways we are all be challenged to be our own “personal best”.  This is not a “personal best” of competition, right or wrong, but what brings more peace, fulfillment, self expression, loving relationships, growth and understanding.  If the growth you are experiencing is uncomfortable soon enough you will get use to it and feel more comfortable.  Think ‘Big Picture’ and longevity.  What is difficult today tomorrow is easy….Be prepared to delay gratification for more worthwhile causes and activities.
It’s now the time for handling what has difficult for you materially and emotionally; as well. 
It is also time to master worry, and let go of thoughts that are non productive, non life enhancing and keeping you stuck in limiting version of you. We all have the capacity for growth, transformation and more fulfilled living.  It usually takes a change of  perceptions and what you focus on to enact this growth and transformation At this time you will be helped by your intuition which will give you the inner knowing and confidence to focus on the expansion of your life.  
Judge not others; however take time to judge what is right for you; what is in alignment to your authentic focus. Become aware of your environment and surroundings  You may find that others don’t understand the change in you and the changes you are making in your life.  The test here is to keep to your authenticity and to relate from this place of being rather than try and “fit in”…. As you understand yourself better and what your changes mean you will find less questioning from those around you. As in everything your attitude and confidence is key; and your confidence will come from trusting your inner knowing.
All that is not in alignment with our Soul Design and Soul Path is winding away, being ripped away; or we are being the choice to let it go.
This present cycle beginning this month is in preparation for a major turning point collectively and individually starting early this November.  
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