June Soul Insights – Change, Freedom, Relationships and Fun

Make it easy…. Take it easy and have some fun.  

Having fun unfortunately is underrated on the Soul Path, within spiritual disciplines and in most religious doctrines; and yet the wisest people in the world have a great sense of humor and are a bit of a trickster…
This month there will be a lot on your plate, and a lot to juggle.  Many influences will come into your life and beckon to be given attention.
The cycle this month also will highlight a need for reaching out more into your community; as well as social and family obligations.
A need for self expression and creativity will also take the lead.  Also,  this month brings moments to longer durations of realizing one’s need to have more fun to actually creating more outlets for fun.  Giggling, laughing and letting your inner trickster out will release pent up energy and give you breathing more to really see what is of the highest priority on your proverbial life plate.
If you are someone who has not focused on a creative outlet, self expression or speaking more of your mind, this month will change that. 
This month brings an urge to express what is in your heart and let more people in your circle know a deeper part of you.  Authenticity will also be key this month.   Don’t be surprised if you find yourself at more art openings, visiting a museum, going to concerts, attending a play or going to the opera.  You might even answer your inner urge to do improve, comedy or an “open mic” night… If so, go for it… The stars are with you to shine.
There will be a lot of opportunities this month to express your point of view, while also reaching compromises and “meetings of the mind” with another.                        If there are situations of power struggles or competition, look at the situation as reflecting something you need to learn about yourself; as well as a character trait that needs to be recognized and integrated more fully.    This can show up in a few a few of different ways in one’s life.  
For some it will be a character trait that one has moved on from, and now they are seeing it mirrored in someone else.  The learning here would be how to navigate this with compassion and understanding.   For other people you will see traits that you need to become aware of, heal and integrate the life enhancing aspect of the trait.  For instance a person may be very confrontational and need to learn another way of communicating; as well as letting go of the “need to always be heard”.  For some people they will see reflected via the people they relate with what they need to grow towards, integrate and express.  This can experienced as being drawn to someone you feel is very creative, responsible, self expressive; as well as living authentically.  This mirroring will signal what you are now ready to integrate and embark upon in your life. 
This month look for what seems to be artistic; look carefully at who you deem an artist, and open to really hearing someone’s truth…
You can this month begin to redefine living artistically as an approach to your life and not necessarily a being a painter or any other stereotypic expression of an artist.
You might want to draw more, sing, write a poem; and I would say let yourself play around with more expressions of creativity.
Also, June will bring more options in your relationships and relating.  Be open to new activities that are fun as well as meaningful.  Let yourself play more…     Letting your natural inclinations out this month, and even to guide you a bit will bring you to a new level of self discovery and put you in touch with your deeper true needs.   Give space to think like a child and see how you feel.  This will open you more up to you and your life.

In truth to open to more love in our life, we have to first open up to ourselves… This month follow those opens that come from within you. Let yourself feel what you want to do, say and how you want to say it. Speak from your heart more and let your heart led the way trusting that your head will follow.
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