May Soul Insights – Change, Release and Transformation

The roots of change run deep…

Very often we are receiving the cues, clues. messages and directions to our next step.   Forethought and resistance to “what is” blocks our own Inner Guidance and complicates what is unfolding.

My life has moved along in more fulfilling ways and with less drama as I have more consistently followed the resonance and the higher directive of the Higher Self.  It has not always been the direction or focus that my   “little self/ego” wanted or thought was advantageous.

There is a great saying by those that I have been working with individually  for a long time in our recognition of what we have learned on the Soul Path – Keep it to process….
We have become over the years attuned travelers of the Soul Path and supporters of each other’s growth and endeavors.  We are each known to mirror to each other a reflective consciousness and the mantra:  “Keep it all to process” … “Let it unfold”…

This May’s focus is on change, release and transformation…
Keeping all to process and recognizing that you are in a process of letting go will help you acclimate and ride the changes of this month.   What is less and less resonating for you; as well as the conditions and relationships that no longer server your highest expression will be altering, changing and for some leaving….

Many of us have been taught that what no longer serves us; or what moves on from our experience must have been “less than” or not as expanded or important as what is coming in for us.  This is not necessarily true… It is a matter of degrees of resonance and coherence.  Something or someone can be good for us; and yet someone or something else can be even better for us and all concerned.

Be prepared to meet new people and be open to fresh ideas.  You don’t have to ditch your “old ideas”, goals or relationships; however it is time to make room for the new…   Don’t fear the new. The new doesn’t mean what is considered “the old” is no longer relevant.  New influences mean you are ready for more. Whatever this “more” is for you.  For some it will be more depth, awareness, for others more is new influences in the form of people and for others still it will be a clearing and awakening in their beliefs.  A clearing out to gain more clarity and a bigger expanded viewpoint.

Sometimes we don’t realize we are in a rut of depressed because we surround ourselves with the routines and people that reinforce our own stagnation.  There is a difference in being in a “holding pattern” or gaining clarity to being stagnate  We cause our own stagnation when we resist and stop the gears of change in engaging.

We have to be engaged in our own process.  We are a part  of the process of shifting and change.  Remember, there can be no change without shifting…. Change happens with a lot of inner and/or outer shifts, even if it seems out of the blue.

This is also a time of reconstruction.  A time to shore up sails, do your housecleaning, and do what needs to be done to make your foundation more stable, consistent, understood and viable.  Releasing the past makes room for your future to unfold. This is a maxim in Metaphysical Principles and Esoteric Sciences.   As the past is released there is a mourning period that brings rain of tears that washes the present environment. This washing clears the air and the debris of what is no longer useful…  Renewal takes place in the space of releasing… The smaller or larger absences, losses and deaths are part of a greater cycle leading you to more Soul Growth and enhanced living.

Remember, the losses you experience are not only about you, but all those concerned.  In truth we are all interconnected like the roots of a great Oak tree… As you change and shift so do those around you.. .As those around you shift and change so will you.  The shifting may not be conscious to you; however the roots of change run deep and are always present, even if subconscious. It is important to note that your Higher Self knows the changes that are taking place, before you do consciously.

Use your tools of self care, inner work, and take time for self reflection.   You will be guided toward that which is most life enhancing if you listen to your own Inner Guidance and move with the winds of change…
Set your sails and let the winds of your own Inner Knowing and  Inner Guidance direct your outer moves. 

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