April Soul Insights – It’s time again for more Soul Growth

We are already into the intensity of April and a combo theme keeps flaring up:
‘Fast movement’ – ‘Feeling Up in the Air’ – ‘Intensity’
All this intensity has Soul growth at it’s core.  The personality is aligning more with the Soul.
Expect a lot of re-evaluation time; refocusing on goals and a feeling of things are just not jelling and are “just up in the air”.
Also, there will be a lot of fast movement – Decisions that have to be made quickly and situations that come from left field that you will need to respond to in a level headed way.  The key is level headed.  Extra meditation this month; especially mantra meditation will really be helpful so that when a trying situation comes in unexpectedly you will be able to pull back, get centered and make an optimal decision. You might even feel like you are charging around getting a lot of stuff done; and you will be getting a lot done. You will be able to do more in less time.
Intensity, is the bedrock of the energies this year and it is amplified this month. Expect the ‘intensity’ to intensify in also May – June when we enter the next Gateway-Portal of Light.
Many people are saying:   “Can’t I just get a break?”  – “When is this energy and intensity going to be over?”….
Not for a while, and in fact what is actually going to happen is that we are adjusting and adapting to this new energy pattern.  This is the energetic pattern of the New Emerging Consciousness’ which comprises the New Paradigm.
We all in varying ways and in ways that are individual to each of us being called to live more from the Soul and Higher Self. The Soul Aspect of our being is deeming that we do indeed grow…. We are being nudged, pushed, prodded, inspired and led to grow into more Soul Expression and extend this expression into the world.  This is not a time to hide your light under a bush or dim your light. It is time to shine fully bright.
Some people might even think that you are the intense one and perhaps you are acting from more passion; as well as vitality in your life.  Some of you may even be a little harsher or brasher.  This can be because on a subconscious level there is a feeling of needing to do more, extend out more and express more.  There is a feeling of urgency in the air.  This urgency signals that the tide has turned and we are all creating more from a Soul level than Ego level.
The Soul is the individualized aspect of The All That Is; or you could also say – Spirit, God, Universal Energies, Resonant Fields of the Universe…. The Soul is our physicality and physical expression. It is the sum of us mentally, emotionally, physically and is a unique version of Spirit.
How we live and express is ultimately an extension and revealing of our Soul; which is the uniqueness of our being.
This month will bring situations to you and relationship conflicts; as well as discussions that will point out to you and the other people involved the flaws, weak spots; and areas of disharmony in the relationship. 
This month will also bring an awareness and understanding of what you need in relationship. This can also be concern your relationship with yourself.   In truth the more we love ourselves the more we can love another person. In fact, the more we can love another being, a project and our life.  Love and acceptance is a prerequisite to more fulfilling relationships.
Many of you will meet a life partner that is a SoulMate or your Twinflame.  Purposeful and relationships of deeper meaning will be the focus and highlighted.  You will see some of your more surface relationships fall by the wayside.  You will become very aware of whether you are living Soul purposely enough or not… If not there will be challenges to get you to ‘grow up’… This ‘growing up’ is actually growing into more authentic being, expressing and relating.

For many people, the more surface relationships will wind out of your life, not out of anger, but out of no longer being in enough resonance with you.
Get the support you need and look to the present challenges as a call for more Soul growth and to connect more fully with your life’s purpose and create deeper meaning in your life.

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